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Emotional marketing triggers the right response

July 28, 2011

Frank Defino Jr. is vice president and managing director of Tukaiz


By Frank Defino Jr.

In today’s world, it seems people see less of each other due to all the advancements in technology when it comes to communicating.

Instead of meeting face to face, we more often than not use conference calls or webinars.

Instead of talking on the phone we might email or text.

What might be disturbing about this is that studies show that technology for all its advancement may actually be severing our social ties.

Emote, not remote

We are all largely motivated by our emotions, with emotion stimulating the mind 3,000 times faster than rational thought.

Recent published findings in neuroscience indicate it is emotion, and not reason, that drives our purchasing decisions.

How consumers feel a company’s values align with theirs—and even a company’s overall perceived likeability—are all integral to creating a favorable feeling toward a product or service.

Making the extra effort to sincerely and relevantly show customers how much you care about them is not as difficult as one might think.

It simply involves being genuine by making them smile, maybe even laugh, and leaving them feeling valued, protected, and informed with the information you send. Our company calls this “emotional marketing.”

To employ emotional marketing, first tap into the emotions that strongly motivate your customer base.

Think of a handshake, perhaps the most widely recognized of greetings in just about every culture. It is meant to be a warm, friendly gesture, asking for nothing more than welcome and acceptance.

A communication piece can, and sometimes should, do nothing more than simply say hello, similar to a handshake. It can let clients know you are thinking about them.

This emotional approach can be very effective in the mobile world.

Shake on that

Rather than pushing price or product attributes, you can use email blasts or digital applications as the perfect vehicle for taking a lighter, creative, and more intuitive approach to crafting everything from graphics and overall design to copy, headlines, and even formatting that can positively activate the recipient’s imagination and interest.

Making your mobile “handshake,” however you choose to do it, reflective of your genuine care will put recipients at ease because there is not a specific call to action. This emotional approach is effective for introducing a company, building brand recognition, or simply reinforcing relationships.

The objective is not making the sale today, or even tomorrow. It is about engendering greater trust and positive associations with your business that cultivate truly engaged clients.

Frank Defino Jr. is vice president and managing director of Tukaiz LLC, Franklin Park, IL. Reach him at