American Marketer
Are you customer-obsessed? Here is why you should be

More than a strategy, customer obsession is a business model.

What does it take to be a CMO of the future?

The sooner that chief marketing officers realize that networking is a part of their job, the better off they will be.

How to install purpose in your brand and company

The best way to identify purpose is not making up a new one but rediscovering the reason for the brand’s existence in the first place. What problem was it created to solve? Why?

Roadmap from midcareer professional to entrepreneur

In a weird twist of human nature, we overestimate the threats and underestimate our strengths in a typical SWOT analysis.

Comfort is No. 1 aspirational luxury as younger consumers stress

For luxury brands to resonate, understanding individual customer definitions of luxury is crucial, per a new Horizon Media study.

What US small businesses think about AI

Seventy percent of small businesses would be willing to pay more to access AI and automation.

What US small businesses think about AI

Seventy percent of small businesses would be willing to pay more to access AI and automation.

Software and technology
5 ways to optimize your resume for AI tools that recruiters use

These days, there is almost always a robotic gatekeeper standing between your resume and an actual human’s eyeballs.

Debunking 6 common market research myths

Making decisions based on internal opinion versus getting an objective, outside view from relevant prospects and customers has led more than one company to throw good money after bad on product development and marketing. 

Is your app ADA compliant?

Regulators have taken a statute that focused on bricks-and-mortar locales and applied it to digital goods and services, such as websites, mobile applications, kiosks and other technology.

Using AI to enhance retail experiences

Understanding where each customer is in their purchasing journey and where they are getting stuck or abandoning the experience is a huge benefit to retailers.

Harnessing AI: How to mitigate risks

While there are a multitude of applications for generative AI, marketing is one of the areas that has made the greatest inroads while still being susceptible to the greatest risks.

Software and technology
Green IT: Next era of enterprise tech is sustainable

Information and communications technology alone will comprise almost 14 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions by 2040 – up from just 1.5 percent in 2007.

Try this: Tesla and Airbnb’s bottom-up thinking vs. national down

Rather than looking top down to start with brand visibility, Tesla and Airbnb looked bottom up to start with consumers.

Real estate
Leveraging emerging, overseas real estate markets for retirement

The demand for a more adventurous, deluxe lifestyle is driving baby boomers –150 million in Europe and America, according to recent census data – to look abroad for second or third homes.

One overlooked element of executive safety: Data privacy

In the United States, there is essentially no limit to the amount of data companies can collect, and few limits on how they can use it.

Low consumer trust today is threat to repeat-purchase behavior: Forrester

Consumers in Europe are more guarded than those in Asia or the United States. But Asians are more unforgiving over breaches of trust in corporate behavior.

Travel and hospitality
Engineering Las Vegas hospitality for CX and efficiency

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, technology plays a vital role in enhancing guest experiences, optimizing operations and improving overall efficiency.

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