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3 ways to master a SoLoMoVi campaign

March 19, 2012


By James Citron

It should be no surprise to anyone after an amazing 2011 that the SoLoMo progression continues to reign as the hottest topic in mobile marketing.

SoLoMo – the synergy of social, local and mobile technologies – provides marketers with opportunities to initiate powerful and engaging two-way dialogues with consumers and gives them the tools to drive a successful transaction through social endorsement, location data and the ubiquitous connectivity created by ubiquitous mobile devices

So what is driving the growth of SoLoMo?

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In short, increased mobile adoption by consumers, new technologies in the marketplace and a shift in brand perception of the power of SoLoMo.

Consumers are increasingly attached to their mobile devices – the average person looks at her device 140 times per day.

As mobile adoption continues to skyrocket, small and large corporations are scrambling to create new and increased budgets and allocating resources for mobile marketing in record numbers.

Marketers who combine this shift in technological adoption with a customized geo-targeted marketing program see a strong increase in program adoption.

From there, marketers can create the opportunity for mobile to drive larger, more viral visibility and engagement.

It is no wonder that eMarketer estimates United States mobile ad spending will grow 80 percent to $2.61 billion.

While all the factors point to success, the SoLoMo market continues to evolve to match consumer demand and technological advancements.

So what is next in the social, local and mobile technology industry?

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The evolution is simple.

The next phase is SoLoMoVi – the integration of mobile multimedia content into messaging.

Now, instead of text, brands can distribute a fully enhanced moment.

Think about it – no Web sites are text-only. The most successful Facebook posts are ones that include multimedia content. Knowing this, why would a brand choose to ever send a plain text message versus providing a well-rounded, branded moment?

So how does a marketer decide if SoLoMoVi is right for their company and brand? How does one even get started?

Before building an effective SoLoMoVi campaign, marketers should consider a number of factors.

1. Know who your customers are and create a customized experience for them

Just like any content created on behalf of your brand, it should be focused, personalized and intriguing. The more relevant the content to a brand’s consumer, the more likely the consumer will complete the desired goal.

Another tip for SoLoMoVi marketers is to create custom outreaches based on the location of the target demographic.

Mobile marketing segmentation is relatively easy and provides a brand the chance to create customized experience across their marketing funnel.

For example, shoppers in a snowy New York winter will be looking for thicker wool coats, while those in Los Angeles tend to shop for lightweight jackets to accommodate for the 70-degree Californian winters.

2. Optimize your mobile Web site

One out of every three searches on the mobile device is for local intent.

Google’s recent study “found that 61 percent of users are unlikely to return to a Web site that they had trouble accessing from their phone.”

Google is now factoring in mobile Web site optimization into mobile search ads quality ranking.

Some quick tips to optimize your mobile site include:

• Think small: Design pages that are easy to read and view on a small mobile screen.

• Keep it simple: Create simple navigation with easy to read fonts and buttons.

• Cut the fat: Streamline your Web site. It should have the same branding but less text and images to minimize the load time and confusion. Focus and showcase the pages that truly matter to a mobile user, such as store location, hours, products and services or a current promotion.

• Include options to allow mobile viewers to share desired content with friends and family: This can range from Facebook Like buttons to instantaneous text sharing via moShare.

A few simple adjustments to your original site will enable you to create a mobile optimized site and give you more control over what your consumers view on your site and produce better results.

3. Give your customers the power to share
It is key when selecting a SoLoMoVi vendor that you choose one that provides your users with the ability to share your content with their friends and family.

Once you have sent the customized, engaging MMS to your mobile database, giving them the ability to share the clip with their Facebook and Twitter friends can tremendously increase the reach of your message beyond just your mobile database.

Each Facebook user has an average of 150 friends, giving each MMS you send the potential to reach 150 times more people through your fan’s extended network.

Suddenly, a “friend’s” recommendation or post converts your initial mobile marketing content into a word-of-mouth strategy, the most effective marketing tool out there.

To do this, a marketer should make it possible for consumers to share the content they just received on their mobile device directly to their social network of choice with a simple click of a link.

FROM FORTUNE 1000 brands to radio and television stations to broadcast networks, many companies are starting to use SoLoMoVi tactics to reach their audience.

There are countless other ways that brands and agencies can integrate social, mobile, local and video to ensure successful campaigns.

By integrating a strategy based on SoLoMoVi, you can begin engaging your consumers with the most targeted and comprehensive marketing strategy.

James Citron is CEO of Mogreet, Venice, CA. Reach him at