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Gucci embraces star power to drive charity concert

March 27, 2013


Italian fashion house Gucci is pushing its global philanthropic campaign called Chime for Change through a live concert June 1 that will feature big-name performers such as Beyoncé and Ellie Goulding.

Gucci just announced The Sound of Change Live concert that is part of its larger Chime for Change program to help women that launched earlier this year at the TED2013 conference. Consumers who buy tickets to the concert can then decide the charity to which they would like to donate the proceeds.

“The value is for both Gucci and the cause - both see a benefit of having each other,” said Lauren Klostermann, head of fashion and industry at Blue Moon Works, Denver, CO.

“It has a dual benefit of elevating the Gucci brand and elevating the cause that they are supporting," she said.

“In addition, Gucci has the connections to utilize celebrities that a traditional nonprofit might not be able to tap into.”

Ms. Klostermann is not affiliated with Gucci, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Gucci was unable to comment directly.

Sound of Change

The Sound of Change live concert will take place June 1 at Twickenham Stadium, London. Tickets start at approximately $83 and go on sale March 27 at 5 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

The concert comprises performances by Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Haim, Iggy Azalea, John Legend, Laura Pausini, Rita Ora and Timbaland.

Consumers who purchase tickets will have the chance to give back to the Chime for Change charity project of their choice and can RSVP on Facebook.

Also, the brand send out an email March 26 to consumer to remind them that tickets go on sale March 27.

The email offered information and contained links to "like" Chime for Change on Facebook, buy tickets or join the charity.

Chime for Change email

On June 2, ticket-holders will receive a Sound of Change voucher that they can redeem on and choose a project for their ticket proceeds to go toward.

Ticket holders will have two months to choose a project. If a project is not chosen by then, the foundation will select one on their behalf.

Projects include charities that focus on supporting education, health and justice for girls and women.

Once the project is chosen, consumers will continue to receive updates about the program they helped.

Gucci established Chime for Change earlier this year to take a stance on women’s right to education, health and justice

The global campaign launched with creative director Frida Giannini, actress Salma Hayek Pinault and singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles-Carter at the helm.

Gucci kicked off the movement Feb. 28 at the TEDxWomen luncheon during the TED2013 conference in Long Beach, CA.

The label is also creating buzz for the new fundraising and awareness program with video efforts (see story).

Giving back

Gucci places a priority on being involved with philanthropic causes.

For instance, the label is pushing its international appeal and seven-year partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund by marketing a line of country-specific handbags, accessories and T-shirts for which a portion of the proceeds to go the organization.

Items in the GG Flag Collection feature an enlarged double-G logo in a flag pattern and 25 percent of proceeds go to UNICEF’s “Schools for Asia” initiative that gives disadvantaged children in Asia- Pacific access to quality education (see story).

In addition, Gucci parent company Kering is also involved in charity efforts.

Prior to its name-change from PPR, Kering increased its social media and Internet presence with a Facebook page and Twitter account for its corporate foundation.

The conglomerate launched two platforms to increase awareness for the White Ribbon for Women campaign that advocates for the elimination of violence against women. The company’s goal is to reach the largest audience possible for the campaign (see story).

Luxury consumers are now expecting more out of brands as more marketers become involved with charity.

“It seems that now, consumers are demanding a more holistic world view from their favorite brands, down to eco-friendly materials and corporate citizenship,” Ms. Klostermann said.

Final take

Erin Shea, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York