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Ferragamo pushes made-to-measure service via in-store showcase

April 15, 2013


Leather goods maker Salvatore Ferragamo is expanding its customized product range with the relaunch of Su Misura Made-To-Measure to include tailored men’s shirts.

The Italian brand, known for its footwear and large and small leather goods, offers custom suiting, jackets, pants and now dress shirts for men at select flagship stores and through at-home appointments. Ferragamo is pushing the addition to its made-to-measure service at its New York flagship store – the only U.S. location where custom shirts are offered – with in-store activities to draw attention to the program.

“Made-to-measure is a great offering for luxury fashion brands,” said Elizabeth DeMaso, managing director of Clutch Collective, New York. “It is a universally accepted fact that a well-tailored garment makes all the difference in the perception of luxury.

“Combined with the customization of fabric and styling, it offers the customer a one-of-a-kind piece that is the ultimate definition of luxury fashion," she said.

Ms. DeMaso is not affiliated with Ferragamo, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Ferragamo declined comment.

Tailor made

Ferragamo is offering made-to-measure shirting for the first time through the new program.

The updates to the tailoring service are meant to complement the special-edition Tramezza handmade shoe collection and the new made-to-order travel collection, per Ferragamo.

For Su Misura suiting items, customers can choose from more than 250 fabrics and styles from the spring/summer and fall/winter collections.

Options for customization also include classic and fitted drop shapes, double-breasted and single-breasted jackets, pocket styles and buttons made from horn, metal or mother of pearl.

Shirts are available in 200 fabrics with optional back pleats and eight collars, three cuff styles and white, raw or grey buttons from which to choose.

Custom embroidery is also available in seven colors.

Ferragamo fall/winter 2013 show

Customers in the United States, for example, can get the Su Misura tailoring service exclusively at Ferragamo's New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue or during at-home appointments in the area.

The program includes assistance from a personal tailor in selecting the style, fabric and color of items.

The garments are made at Ferragamo’s Italian headquarters with delivery in four to five weeks.

Ferragamo raised awareness of the updated Su Misura offerings by hosting a brand artisan at its New York flagship store through April 14. Visitors could watch the artisan create Ferragamo products.

Also, the brand held a launch event April 11 at the boutique with Hearst’s Esquire magazine to celebrate Su Misura, the special-edition Tramezza shoe collection and made-to-order travel collection. Guests could watch the artisan from Ferragamo’s headquarters at work.

Outside of the U.S., Su Misura is available at Ferragamo boutiques in Tokyo; Osaka, Japan; Milan; Rome; Florence and Naples.

The made-to-measure program will expand in the U.S. in September at Ferragamo’s Chicago boutique.

Furthermore, Ferragamo will soon roll out a second phase of the Su Misura relaunch to offer customized cashmere knitwear.

Personalization push

Many fashion marketers push their made-to-measure program to show their dedication to personalization and flaunt a service that a select group of consumers can afford.

For example, Italian label Gucci called on actor James Franco to take a starring role in the ad campaign for its "Made to Measure" service which it revamped last year.

The campaign titled “All the world’s a stage” featured black-and-white images of the actor wearing Gucci’s custom suits on a film set.

Gucci began offering its new made-to-measure experience in cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo in 2012 (see story).

Ferragamo’s in-store marketing strategy could push the made-to-measure service as well as its Italian heritage.

“Retailers are always striving to create a sense of urgency to encourage purchases,” Ms. DeMaso said. “For luxury retailers who prefer to use more subtle marketing methods, in-store events tend to be an effective way at it.

“Ferragamo’s decision to bring in one of their artisans – who will ultimately be creating these custom pieces – is a great way to garner a store visit while simultaneously showcasing their fine craftsmanship,” she said. “The customer gets a peek behind the curtain and an interaction with Ferragamo’s European heritage.”

Final Take
Tricia Carr, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York