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David Yurman honors cable design with 30th anniversary collection

February 21, 2014


U.S. jeweler David Yurman is feting the 30th anniversary of its signature cable bracelet with a three-part limited-edition capsule collection to appeal to both enthusiasts and aspirational consumers.

The Cable Celebration collection features three tiers of prices to ensure that a wider range of consumers can have access. Also, a variety of color, style and metal options will further expand the reach of the collection.

"We hope that the breadth of these special limited-edition offerings will be what is attractive to both existing and new clientele," said Billy Paretti, chief marketing officer of David Yurman, New York.

"From the brilliant array of pop-colored aluminum Renaissance bracelets, to the all precious metal and full pave versions – these pieces were created to highlight David’s hallmark of sculptural design – cable," he said. "There is something for everyone.

"The foundation of this company was built on a bedrock of collaboration – this collection is merely an extension of that core tenet. While these pieces pay homage to the history of the brand, they are very much an exercise in what the future will hold. Much like the legendary design element that is woven through each piece, the Yurman family is the unifying force behind all of the house’s designs."

David Yurman is a leading family-owned jeweler whose namesake founder recently resumed his role as CEO.

Cable reimagined
Designed in 1983 by brand founder David Yurman and his wife Sybil, the Renaissance bracelet featuring the jeweler’s now iconic cable motif launched the brand's image. Now in its 30th year, the cable motif has been given a “modern twist” with a series of limited-edition bracelets meant to celebrate and pay homage to David Yurman’s signature look.

To symbolize the future of the brand, Mr. and Mrs. Yurman’s son, Evan, acting chief design director, together with his parents, designed the three-part Cable Celebration collection. Using the brand’s social media and Web site, the jeweler has introduced the collection to its enthusiasts to further promote the celebration.

The brand’s lowest price point in the Cable Celebration collection is a Renaissance bracelet made of brightly-colored, anodized aluminum with a price tag of $350. The younger Mr. Yurman reimagined the design created by his parents to modernize the bracelet’s look.

This bracelet is available in black, grey, Champagne, amber, purple, periwinkle blue, light green, hunter green, pink and rose to appeal to the style sense of David Yurman enthusiasts.

In the next price bracket, David Yurman developed a Precious Metal Renaissance bracelet to “distill it to its essential form.” Available in darkened sterling silver and sterling silver for $850 and $9,500 for the gold and rose gold versions, this bracelet is meant to embody the design's distinguished simplicity.

The Cable Celebration’s aluminum and precious metal variations are available at David Yurman boutique and on the jeweler’s ecommerce Web site.

To continue its celebration of the cable motif, David Yurman also designed a Diamond Pavé Renaissance bracelet fitted with more than 2,500 individual diamonds. Taking craftsman more than 250 hours to complete each bracelet, the Diamond Pavé collection is an ode to David Yurman craftsmanship.

The hand-set Pavé bracelet is available in white, black and cognac-colored diamonds. This design is only available by contacting a personal shopper at David Yurman Townhouse, the jeweler’s flagship boutique on New York’s Madison Avenue.

Strong ties
David Yurman has placed emphasis on the importance of the creativity of its workers in the past.

For example, the jewelry maker showed off its fall collection through a video that paid homage to the photographer who has captured 12 years of advertising images and upholds the personalities of campaign models.

The collection itself is a representation of each model’s personality, but the video gives credit to photographer Peter Lindbergh for capturing the essence of David Yurman through the images (see story).

For luxury brands across all sectors, incorporating the founder’s inspirations into a campaign highlights authenticity and gives a face to products.

Take for instance, a shared David Yurman social video that channeled nature and touted the brand’s craftsmanship to promote its jewelry collection Willow.

The Willow Collection video explores the brand’s willow tree inspiration while allowing brand enthusiasts a chance to see founder Mr. Yurman sketching designs for pieces included in the collection. Displaying the artistic process involved in designing a brand’s products allows consumers exclusive access the roots of a collection (see story).

When celebrating an anniversary, brands should choose symbolic pieces that clearly represent its heritage and DNA.

"Cable is the unifying element of every David Yurman collection – it’s an expression of art, inspiration, innovation, and unity," Mr. Paretti said. "The cable signature is unmistakable, making this design a variation on a theme within all of his collections."

Final Take
Jen King, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York