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Magellan Jets shows dedication to safety through further nonprofit ties

July 29, 2014

Magellan Jets app Magellan Jets app


Private jet charter company Magellan Jets is being recognized for its safety initiatives by the nonprofit Air Charter Safety Foundation.

The ACSF has invited Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert to join its Board of Governors, to use his experience to help support the foundation’s initiatives. Magellan was the first private jet company to be named to the ACSF, and this new appointment will likely help further position the brand as a leader in safety.

Safety first

The ACSF was founded in 2007 to help improve the safety of both charter and fractional ownership private jet flight.

Magellan Jets works with third party auditors, including the ACSF, Wyvern and ARG/US.

Magellan Jet

Magellan Jet

In addition, each flight goes through a 42-point checklist handled by Magellan Jets before takeoff, ensuring operational control, insurance requirements and the pilot’s experience, training, certification and record.

The charter company also looks at data for every flight and crew available so they are able to give background information to consumers who book flights through the service.

To spread the word about Mr. Hebert’s appointment, Magellan Jets used social media and a blog post.

Magellan Jets says on its Web site, “Safety isn’t something we’re just serious about—we’re fixated on it.”