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Barneys’ Artisan Day designers push for traffic through email

October 30, 2014

Title of Work video still Title of Work video still


Menswear brand Title of Work is inviting consumers to Artisan Day at Barneys New York Nov. 1 to meet the designer Jonathan Meizler.

Artisan Day has become a hallmark event for the retailer's flagship location, bringing together small-scale designers to discuss craftsmanship and inspiration with consumers each year. Shepherding emerging or hidden designers is one way that retailers will always be able to prove their relevance, especially as well-known brands continue to break away with standalone locations.

Stopping by

Title of Work is aiming to drive attention to Artisan Day and also boost ecommerce sales with an email blast to Barneys' subscribers.

The email blast was sent out to consumers with curt details about the event taking place Nov. 1 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to the text, the email shows a sparse scene that is apparently the designer's work studio, with a tie elegantly draped on some sort of stand and a sewing machine in the corner.

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Consumers can click-through to a dedicated Web site where they can explore the collection of ties that range in price from $150-$800. All ties are hand-made upon order in New York.

A campaign video can also be viewed that begins as a normal, albeit sparse, product display piece for the brand's "Beauty in Decay" collection and evolves into a more abstract expression.

Artisan Day will feature designers from more than 20 brands featured in the flagship location.