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Indian Motorcycle appeals to today’s consumer with experience-based purchase

July 14, 2017

Indian Motorcycle's limited-edition bike. Image courtesy of Indian Motorcycle


Historic motorcycle brand Indian Motorcycle is offering a unique experience paired with a purchase of a one-of-a-kind bike.

Collectors are now able to acquire Indian Motorcycle’s limited-edition flat track bike Scout FTR750. Along with the purchase will come an all-expenses paid VIP trip to the 2018 American Flat Track event.

“As a part of this purchase, customers will receive an all-expenses paid trip to come out to an American Flat Track race next season and see these bikes in action,” said Reid Wilson, director of marketing at Indian Motorcycle, Minneapolis, MI.

“In addition to covering their flights and accommodations, we will also be giving them a VIP experience at the event where they will not only have VIP seating, dining and drinks, but also behind-the-scenes access to our racing pits and a once-in-a-lifetime flat track riding lesson,” he said.

Luxury purchase and experience
The “Wrecking Crew” is Indian Motorcycle’s team that will be ushering in the brand’s return to the American Flat Track Race next year.

Members will be riding the Scout FTR750 during the competition, which is also available for sale.

Indian Motorcycle's Scout FTR750. Image courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

Only 50 of the motorcycles will be made into production, making the motorcycle a limited-edition, collector’s item. The brand is also creating a one-of-a-kind experience to go along with the purchase.

Customers will be able to purchase their own numbers on the motorcycles on a first-come first-serve basis for numbers 1 through 50.

Those that purchase the bike will get to travel to next year’s race and meet the team. Guests will be able to visit the racing pits and get a special riding lesson from the Indian Racing Team the following day.

Indian Motorcycle's Scout FTR750. Image courtesy of Indian Motorcycle

They will also be gifted flight and accommodations for up to two people for the trip, as well as included drinks, dining and VIP seating.

Experience over goods
Experiences are becoming increasingly more valuable to affluent consumers. Indian Motorcycle is capitalizing on this by combining the purchase of goods with experiences.

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“The bike has a limited-run of only 50, making it a very unique item that very few people will have the opportunity to own,” Indian Motorcycle's Mr. Wilson said

“In addition to that, this will be the first time that one of our elite riders is going to provide a one-on-one lesson on how to ride these bikes and showcase the power they have,” he said.