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51pc of retailers already offer same-day delivery, with more to come

September 21, 2017

Same-day delivery and other fulfillment features will be key to the future of luxury retail. Image credit: Boston Retail Partners


As customers become increasingly reliant on the conveniences of modern technology, more than half of retailers currently implement same-day delivery and more are expected to do so within two years, according to a new report from Boston Retail Partners.

Boston Retail Partners surveyed retailers to gauge their thoughts on the state of digital commerce in 2017. According to the report, quick and autonomous fulfillment is the next step in modernizing the digital retail landscape.

Same-day delivery
The modern consumer expects a certain level of digital compatibility from the retailers they shop.

This extends from basic things such as having a consistent experience across digital and physical channels, to other features such as a robust delivery and tracking service.

Same-day delivery is one of the hottest trends in this area, with many retailers planning to implement it in the future or already having it as part of their services.

Top retail priorities. Image credit: BRP

BRP found that 51 percent of retailers currently offer same-day delivery 65 percent plan on offering it some time in the next two years.

Additionally, delivery via a third-party, such as through Lyft or Uber, is growing at a healthy rate, from 20 percent in 2016 to more than 30 percent this year.

Amazon’s same-day delivery service has been a wake-up call for others in the retail world, especially luxury retailers who are expected to provide top-quality customer service at every stage of the shopping process.

Fifty-four percent of retailers said that having consistent experiences across digital and physical channels was their number one priority for this year.

Customer ID capabilities. Image credit: BRP

Close behind on the list of top priorities were increasing customer loyalty and improving the mobile shopping experience.

The emphasis on mobile as a shopping companion, or even as the centerpiece of an online shopping experience, is central to discussions on ecommerce strategy this year.

Automatic fulfillment
Same-day delivery has already been embraced by a number of luxury brands and retailers.

Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s already offer same-day delivery in some locations.

Other luxury retailers have taken the concept of delivery in different, but equally exciting directions.

For example, Chinese ecommerce giant is giving the online luxury shopping experience a more personal touch.

For its JD Luxury Express, the retailer has trained a special team of employees, who will shuttle luxury purchases to consumers’ doors in style. Designed to more closely replicate the individualized experience expected from bricks-and-mortar stores, JD’s service aims to ensure that luxury products are handled in a manner that reflects the brand (see story).'s white glove service. Image credit:

Additionally, Moët Hennessy-owned Champagne house Dom Pérignon reacted to consumers’ on-demand expectations with a speedy delivery service.

Together with third-party technology firm Thirstie, the Champagne house is launching an ecommerce option on its Web site in select United States markets, promising to put bottles of its vintages in customers’ hands in an hour. With consumers becoming more accustomed to instant gratification, retail in a number of categories is catching on with faster fulfillment (see story).

These examples, and more, show that luxury is at the forefront of premium delivery services, which will have a continued impact on the retail world as customers grow more used to high-quality, high-speed delivery fulfillment.