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Etihad makes travel plans with Louvre Abu Dhabi

October 18, 2017

Photo courtesy of Etihad Airways


United Arab Emirates airline Etihad Airways is linking with the soon-to-open Louvre Abu Dhabi to provide the museum with promotional and travel support.

As the museum’s first exclusive platinum partner, Etihad will work with the Louvre Abu Dhabi on a number of projects including marketing and tour packages. The partners are building on their shared goal of bringing travelers to the Middle East.

Tourism drivers
Louvre Abu Dhabi is slated to open Nov. 11. Developed out of a partnership between France and the United Arab Emirates, it is positioned as the first “universal” museum in the Arab world.

Etihad and the Louvre Abu Dhabi announced their partnership on Oct. 18 at the museum.

The airline will support the Louvre Abu Dhabi through brand partnership, marketing, social media and public relations. It will also partner on events, exhibitions and cultural exchanges.

Leveraging Etihad’s fleet, the collaboration will also see it provide cargo support and inflight programming, as well as travel trade support.

Etihad has linked with Louvre Abu Dhabi. Image courtesy of Etihad Airways

Hala, Etihad’s travel management company, will also work with the Louvre to develop tours in Abu Dhabi.

“Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal institution showcasing the achievements of mankind in art, in culture, in humanity – a beacon welcoming visitors to these shores for generations to come,” said Peter Baumgartner, CEO of Etihad Airways, in a statement.

“Etihad Airways and Louvre Abu Dhabi are two leading characters in the same story and we share a deep bond,” he said. “As the national airline of the UAE, flying from Abu Dhabi to the world, we are also a universal connector of people.

“Together with our partners at Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi, we are committed to bringing guests from across our global network to our home, and to co-creating experiences which will showcase this magnificent museum.”

In addition to art, the airline has forged connections with other artistic fields.

Etihad Airways is furthering its outreach to the fashion community through a rewards program designed specially for the travel needs of those in the industry.

Runway to Runway is a custom loyalty program developed alongside IMG, featuring perks such as discounted cargo rates and group travel rates, ideal for sending an entire team on location for a photo shoot. In 2016, Etihad began positioning itself as the airline choice for fashion, making this membership option a way to enhance its appeal for those in the industry (see story).