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Waterford promotes peace, tranquility for New Year’s Eve 2018 celebrations

December 29, 2017

The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball features more than 2,000 Waterford crystal triangles. Image credit: Waterford


In today’s tumultuous climate, Irish crystal maker Waterford has opted to embrace and celebrate serenity as the 2018 theme of the New Year’s Eve Ball dropped in Times Square in New York.

Waterford and Times Square New Year’s Eve, the organizer of the annual celebration, invite revelers to share in the “Gift of Serenity,” the fifth gift in the 10-year “Greatest Gift” Series that will decorate the Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball through 2023. For 19 years, Waterford has designed new, signature cut crystal patterns to decorate the Waterford Ball’s panels.

Peace on earth
Each of Waterford’s gift series reflects a sentiment that is shared globally during the holidays. This year, Waterford selected serenity, the art of balance that provides tranquility, peace and composure.

This year, 288 of the 2,688 crystal panels that make up the Waterford Ball will be updated to include the custom-designed “Gift of Serenity” Waterford Crystal triangles, creating a quilt-like pattern.

Waterford’s pattern for 2018 resembles butterflies flying in a peaceful meadow to convey a sense of tranquility, peace and composure.

Waterford's Gift of Serenity motif for New Year's Eve 2018. Image credit: Waterford

The 2018 Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball will drop at midnight on Monday, Jan. 1 to a crowd of approximately one million in Times Square. More than one billion people tune in to the Times Square ball drop around the world to ring in the new year.

“New Year’s Eve is a holiday that encourages us to reflect upon the past year as well as distinguish what’s to come for the year ahead,” said Michael Craig, vice president of Waterford Group, the Americas, in a statement.

“The Gift of Serenity invites us all to take a look inward -- transforming ourselves in ways both big and small -- so that we can positively affect the lives of others by being the best version of ourselves,” he said.

“At Waterford, we’re excited to celebrate and embrace the Gift of Serenity and look forward to all that is to come in 2018.”

Waterford’s Gift of Serenity design is also part of the 2018 Waterford Times Square Holiday collection, with gifts starting at $65. The butterfly motif is included on Waterford ornaments, Champagne flutes, vases and snow globes.

For 2017, Waterford Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball theme was “Gift of Kindness,” and marked the fourth occurrence of the decade-long “Greatest Gifts” series. In honor of its benevolent concept, Waterford presented nonprofit organization and event partner Global Citizen with a “Gift of Kindness” award (see story).