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Yves Delorme supports ocean conservation with inspired collection

April 4, 2018

Yves Delorme Ocean-inspired spring/summer collection. Image credit: Yves Delorme.


French linen maker Yves Delorme is hoping to make a difference in ocean conservation with a special collection.

Inspired by the water, Yves Delorme’s Ocean collection will donate 10 percent of its proceeds to the protection of the ocean during the entire month of April. In partnership with the nonprofit organization the TerraMar Project, the linen brand hopes to provide marine education resources to consumers and inspire others to get involved.

Helping our oceans
Yves Delorme head of design Laurence Rouet has stated that the idea behind the collection was to represent the ocean in a subtle way.

Without any seashell designs or wave patterns, the luxurious line embodies the essence of the ocean instead of an obvious motif.

The partnership with the TerraMar Project only begins with this month’s campaign. In the future, the two will work together again to help reduce plastic use and supplement recycling.

Yves Delorme pledged to minimize its plastic impact in its offices and supply chains, such as reducing harmful material used with shipping.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with The TerraMar Project to raise awareness about the protection of the ocean in honor of the Yves Delorme water-themed spring/summer 2018 collection,” said Lee Dufour, vice president of marketing and communications at Yves Delorme Inc. “The TerraMar Project is so inspiring to us because of their unique ability to connect and empower people around the world under a common cause, as well as their key role in bringing the ocean to the forefront of the global sustainability stage.

“Yves Delorme is also looking to the future and pledging with The TerraMar Project to research the reduction of plastics and increase recycled materials in our packaging and shipping process.”

Charity initiatives, especially with those in relation to the environment, are extremely important to luxury brands.

Ocean conservation has become a starring role in these charity pushes.

For instance, Estée Lauder Cos.' Crème de la Mer celebrated World Oceans Day last June by walking the streets of New York.

The La Mer Wave Walk art installation and fundraiser featured 54 sculptures of waves designed by influential artists, actors and celebrities and was on display on an art trail throughout New York starting on June 8. Each sculpture was up for sale, with all proceeds going to ocean conservation efforts around the world (see more).