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Porsche’s global farewell tour for 919 Hybrid makes stop in Bangkok

August 16, 2018

The Porsche 919 Hybrid took to the streets in Bangkok. Image credit: Porsche


German automaker Porsche took a victory lap in Bangkok, Thailand with an Evo version of its 919 Hybrid before the race car is retired next year.

After 17 race wins in four years, including three consecutive Le Mans victories, the 919 Hybrid is the star of a farewell tour that brings the race car in front of motorsports enthusiasts across the world. By showcasing the 919 Hybrid outside of World Endurance Championship (WEC) regulations, Porsche is using this as an opportunity to break track records with the still-competitive race car.

Tribute tour
Porsche's 919 Tribute Tour began this spring and has already made stops in cities such as New York and Shanghai. Bangkok was the final stop in Asia, coinciding with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia in Bangsaen, Thailand.

The 919 Hybrid raced through the city during one July night, crossing the expansive Bhumibol Bridge and winding its way through Chinatown.

The Porsche Hybrid 919 drove through the heart of Bangkok during the 919 Tribute Tour

Porsche released a short film capturing the energy of Bangkok on the night of the Tribute Tour.

It begins with a bolt of lightning brightening the dark sky over the Thai city. A city loudspeaker narrates the film and describes the car as an electric legend that "sparks fascination," references to the 919's hybrid system.

As the 919 Hybrid speeds down public streets, bystanders stop what they are doing to watch it drive by. A group of friends exit their own Porsche and turn to look at the passing 919.

The Porsche 919 Hybrid electrified fans in Bangkok. Image credit: Porsche

The film also includes shots of murals, street food vendors and other quick snippets of the thriving city. As the sun starts to rise on Bangkok, other Porsche models flash onscreen and are seen driven together while the 919 crosses the Chao Phraya river once again.

The Tribute Tour will continue until the 919 Hybrid's final drive in October.

Driving forward
Although Porsche is bidding farewell to a successful race car, it is also celebrating an impressive milestone.

The automaker has released a film to celebrate its 70 years in service online. The film touts the family of Porsche owners around the while and the series of bold characteristics that bring them together.

Porsche's film continues showing major moments in the brand’s racing career while also depicting everyday life in Porsche vehicles throughout the years.

The automaker then goes on to touch on the brand’s highlights over the last 70 years, such as being the first sports car in the SUV segment, and its German heritage (see story).

Porsche is also teasing its entry into electric vehicles with a short that focuses on a difficult to define part of the car.

The “Soul, electrified” film offers an early look at the Taycan, the upcoming first all-electric vehicle from the brand. While the model, previously known as the Mission E, will be swapping out a combustion engine for a battery, Porsche is turning to video to let consumers know it will retain the same soul as the automaker’s other creations (see story).