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Sentient Jet tees up sponsorship to build on nonprofit partnership

August 16, 2018

Sentient Jet is continuing its support of Homes For Our Troops. Image credit: Sentient Jet


Private aviation firm Sentient Jet is giving back to veterans by sponsoring Homes For Our Troops’ Charity Golf Tournament.

Founded in 2004, Homes For Our Troops is a nonprofit that builds custom houses for injured service members, allowing them to focus on their recovery and their families. This expands on Sentient Jet’s existing support of the organization this year, which has helped to raise $80,000 for the cause.

Golfing for veterans
Sentient Jet sponsored race horse Combatant through the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Combatant’s owners are invested in supporting Homes For Our Troops, and the horse ran for the organization.

All of the proceeds from Combatant merchandise went to the nonprofit. The race horse also helped to raise awareness for its cause, spurring donations.

Sentient Jet sponsored Combatant through the Triple Crown. Image credit: Sentient Jet

“Coming off of the success of our Triple Crown campaign, Sentient Jet was eager to identify another opportunity to further boost the visibility and reach of Homes For Our Troops, one of the veteran community’s most effective organizations that continues to inspire us with the tremendous good they do every day,” said Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet, in a statement. “As such, we couldn’t be happier to act as a sponsor of this exciting tournament, a role that simultaneously allows us to celebrate our local Boston community, which we so highly esteem.”

During the eighth annual golf tournament on Monday, Aug. 20 at Walpole Country Club nearby to Boston, Sentient Jet will sponsor two on-site games.

The winner of the “Hole-in-One” contest will receive a $20,000 flight card and a matching $20,000 donation to Homes For Our Troops. Meanwhile, “Closest to the Pin” competitions will vie for a Scotty Cameron putter and Sentient Jet golf swag bag.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Sentient Jet for this special day of fun and philanthropy,” said retired Brigadier General Tom Landwermeyer, president and CEO of Homes For Our Troops, in a statement.

“Sentient Jet has been a wonderful supporter of Homes For Our Troops," he said. "Their commitment to helping our nations’ most severely injured veterans is paramount to the continued success of our mission.

"Our annual golf tournament is one of our organization’s most highly anticipated events of the year. We appreciate the outstanding support of Sentient Jet as one of the sponsors of this years’ tournament.”

Along with lending its support to the cause, this initiative allows Sentient to celebrate its Boston roots. Sentient Jet previously catered to the affluent audience of horse racing and Boston residents with a sponsorship of a Belmont-competing horse.

Gronkowski, which competed at Belmont, the final of the Triple Crown races, saw Sentient Jet as its preferred private aviation partner. The name of the horse is meant to appeal to Boston fans and Sentient Jet, as the horse was named after New England Patriots player and Sentient Jet cardholder Rob Gronkowski (see story).