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Audi eyes luxury auto sector dominance with 2011 slate

November 18, 2010

Audi R8


German automaker Audi is revealing a slate of new vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week with hopes of springboarding to the top of the U.S. luxury car market.

The brand will unveil the Audi A7 and A8L in Los Angeles. It chose to showcase both vehicles within the venue due to its market for luxury performance driving.

“L.A. car buyers are among the most discriminating in the world when it comes to luxury and performance cars,” said Brad Stertz, public relations manager of corporate communications at Audi of America, Herndon, VA. “They are also an important barometer of automotive trends.

“Audi is confident that the new luxury cars it is bringing forth at this show, the Audi A7 and the flagship Audi A8L, will fuel the conversation in L.A,” he said.

“Beyond that a new definition of luxury is emerging, one that is more progressive and rooted in substance than bling and prior reputations,” he said.

The cars
The Audi A7 is a five-door vehicle that combines features of a coupe, sedan and station wagon. It has aluminum components that Audi claims with be a technology for future sustainable cars. The vehicle will reach showrooms in the spring.

Audi's A8L hybrid is also built from aluminum and features a 19-speaker Bang and Olufsen sound system, pre-sense safety features and LED lighting.

“The new Audi A7 and Audi A8L give Audi the newest and most technologically advanced entries in the most exclusive luxury car segments,” Mr. Stertz said. “The A7 will open a new definition of executive luxury.

“The Audi A8L is unsurpassed in interior comforts at the very top of the luxury sedan market,” he said.

The debut of both vehicles proves Audi’s commitment to impacting the luxury car market. The automaker furthers this commitment by releasing only 333 models of it’s Audi R8 GT for consumers worldwide.

The brand recently launched an iPad application in promotion of the A8, driving traffic to dealerships and increasing consumer engagement. The application includes a 3D model of the vehicle and features interactive video clips (see story).

Audi will next bring the Audi A7 to market in the spring and it will build on the momentum that it expects from that launch and the launch this month of its A8 and A8L to broaden our redefinition of luxury.

The automaker will launch its R8 GT and has plans to research and evidence of its commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation next year.

“This renewed emphasis that Audi is placing on its entries in the exceptional luxury class deserve a big stage,” said Mr. Stertz.

“The L.A. Auto Show provides the platform to spread or message that the new era of progressive luxury has arrived,” he said.