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Luxury Daily’s Classic Guide to Luxury Marketing

January 5, 2012


Please click here to download the latest edition of Luxury Daily's Classic Guide to Luxury Marketing

Welcome to Luxury Daily’s inaugural Classic Guide to Luxury Marketing, designed to be an indispensable resource to marketers and brands interested in the ins and outs of luxury marketing.

This edition is chock full of ideas on how luxury brands can execute campaigns across all mediums, including the Internet, mobile, print, television, outdoor, direct mail, in-store and radio.

The Classic Guide is meant to help luxury marketers understand how to navigate 21st-century marketing, with all its complexities and privacy issues as well as database-building and branding opportunities.

Print has long been the mainstay of luxury marketing, dependable for its association with pertinent content and the gloss factor that showcases luxury brands to their best advantage.

But there is a perceptible shift in luxury marketing.

Newer tools in marketing such as social media and mobile marketing are giving luxury brands the option to not only talk to their audience but also hear back from them in real-time.

Indeed, social media is single-handedly changing the face of luxury marketing. So is the rapid adoption of ecommerce and mobile commerce, requiring marketers to have a 360-degree strategy for marketing to discerning consumers.

That said, nothing beats the in-store experience to appreciate the real value of luxury products and services. Indeed, smart marketing is the best traffic driver.

Expert insight
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Luxury Daily reporters Rachel Lamb and Kayla Hutzler worked hard on this edition, so thank you to them for the content. Also, thanks are due to Kayla for the art direction on the guide.

For their insights, many thanks to Morpheus Media’s Shenan Reed, Affluent Insights’ Chris Ramey, iProspect’s Andrea Wilson, Ries & Ries’ Al Ries, Luxury Institute’s Milton Pedraza and Unity Marketing’s Pam Danziger. Their support has been invaluable in making Luxury Daily the indispensable read on smart luxury marketing and retail as the world moves from yell-and-sell to tell-and-sell.

Please click here to download the latest edition of Luxury Daily's Classic Guide to Luxury Marketing