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Ralph Lauren launches new fragrance line with Facebook quiz

March 15, 2012


Lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren released a quiz on its Facebook page earlier this week to promote its new fragrance collection, The Big Pony Collection for Women.

Obviously hinging on the brand's popular Big Pony collection for men, Ralph Lauren is using a Facebook application containing The Life in Color Quiz that is linked from the brand's Facebook page to show consumers which scent is right for them. Ralph Lauren is offering an incentive to take the quiz – a chance to win a $4,000 shopping spree.

"Life in Color is fun as the promise is to teach you about yourself, as well as direct you to the proper product," said Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami.

"Furthermore, it’s great market research for Ralph Lauren," he said.

To each her own

To reach the quiz, Facebook users must click the link in the photo caption on Ralph Lauren’s Facebook page.

This brings users to a separate page on Facebook that shows images of the fragrance collection, a video and a shopping link. Users must click the quiz button to proceed to the quiz app.

Ralph Lauren's The Life in Color Quiz Facebook page

A short video intro starts the quiz that features the models associated with the fragrance.

Cover image for Ralph Lauren's The Life in Color Facebook quiz

Users are asked a series of four short questions starting with “If you could take a trip, where would you go?"

Each answer choice is presented with a video.

The quiz is presented in a brightly-colored animated setting that mirrors the bold bottles of the fragrance line.

The results come with a personalized video based on the personality traits matched up with each fragrance.

By polling users on travel, party preference, style and music, each quiz result corresponds to one of four fragrances in The Big Pony Collection: Sporty, Sensual, Free-Spirited and Stylish.

Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection for Women

On the last results page, users can enter to win a $4,000 Ralph Lauren shopping spree, re-watch their personalized results video and shop The Big Pony Collection for Women.

"Engaging clients in a quiz makes them think about your product," Mr. Ramey said.

"You move the client beyond a passing glance," he said.

"People respond to money. It’s always been an important incentive."

Winning personality
Ralph Lauren used a large photo to advertise the quiz and in the photo’s description is a link to The Life in Color Quiz.

In addition, the brand produced online videos to promote the fragrance collection that it shared March 12 and March 14.

The posts seem to be generating a lot of attention from users -- the Life in Color quiz had over 1,400 likes at 4 p.m. on March 14.

In addition, the video posted on March 14 had more than 200 likes and 10 comments at press time.

Interestingly, Ralph Lauren uses Facebook for a number of its Big Pony efforts.

For example, it got into the March Madness spirit last year with a sweepstakes that gave away 20 sets of Big Pony Fragrance Collections based on the winner of the college basketball tournament (see story).

The basketball teams that participated in the tournament were divided into each of the four colored Big Pony fragrance bottles. Users picked a team when they signed up with their names and email addresses, and a consumer was chosen from the winning color section.

"Facebook may be the easiest way to introduce an entity to a broad market quickly," Mr Ramey said.

"It also allows you change the messaging as necessary as the introduction progresses."

Final Take
Tricia Carr, editorial assistant, Luxury Daily, New York