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Marc Jacobs reinforces CSR via AIDS-fund products

July 25, 2012


Marc Jacobs Intl. is renewing its commitment to the battle against HIV/AIDS through the creation of T-shirts, the profits of which go towards Aid for AIDS International.

This is Marc Jacobs’ second year creating these T-shirts for the foundation, the first round of which were very popular, according to AFAI. Marc Jacobs is just one of the brands that creates products that go towards helping to bolster labels’ corporate social responsibility efforts.

AFAI is a nonprofit organization created to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries and who are immigrants to the United States.

Shirt off your back
The collection of shirts is available at Marc Jacobs stores and online at

Last year’s collection featured drawings of children affected by HIV in a charming manner, but this year’s design “serves as a powerful reminder of the innocence of children and the impact HIV has on their lives,” according to AFAI.

Marc Jacobs AFAI shirt

These images are a result of Marc Jacobs’ edgy, provocative style and way of pushing the envelope, the brand said.

The shirts are $35 with all proceeds going to AFAI.

AFAI has quite a few other celebrity designers on the board including Carolina Herrera, Yaz Hernandez, the Santo Domingos and Narciso Rodriguez.

Marc Jacobs AFAI shirt

Last year, Marc Jacobs introduced the products featuring a social video and multiple blasts on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As of press deadline, the apparel brand has not yet started to market this year’s products.

Based on past campaigns, Marc Jacobs will likely spread word of the new T-shirt line via social media and possibly an email blast to opt-in customers.

Aiding others
Luxury brands often develop special and limited-edition products to benefit a specific charity.

Most of the time, brands align with charities that translate similar core values and images.

For example, high-end watchmaker and retailer Tourneau created two timepieces to support the Red Campaign’s fight against AIDS and chose digital to spread its charitable message to consumers.

The Red Campaign watches that are available in U.S. stores as of yesterday are variations of the brand’s TNY timepieces with black-and-red faces.

Fifteen percent of proceeds from watch sales are donated to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, Swaziland, South Africa and Zambia in Africa (see story).

Also, Swiss watchmaker Hublot teamed up with Miami Heat basketball players Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem for an exclusive product that benefits a charity to support at-risk families and education efforts in South Florida.

The brand is relying on the extensive social media followings from Mr. Wade, Miami Heat and the watchmaker to push the product (see story).

Final Take

Rachel Lamb, associate reporter on Luxury Daily, New York