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Jaguar Land Rover France enriches Le Royal Monceau guest experience with new partnership

June 18, 2013


Jaguar Land Rover France is supplying guests at the Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris with access to a Jaguar XJ Ultimate and the new Range Rover Autobiography as part of a marketing strategy that aims to entice current and prospective consumers, as well as elucidate both vehicles' features and enrich the overall luxury travel experience.

Guests at Le Royal Monceau can reserve either car for an exclusive driving experience to explore the city or just unwind. This partnership eludes the tedious properties of typical car rentals by keeping the vehicle on the hotel’s premises and by streamlining the rental process for hotel guests.

“This program will give the hotel’s guests a convenient way to experience luxury transportation via the Jaguar and Range Rover models without having to rent for a full day or more one of the cars, which are probably not available for rentals in Paris," said Ron Kurtz, president of the American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta.

Ron Kurtz is not affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Jaguar Land Rover was unable to respond by press deadline.

Inside and around town

The exclusive partnership strives to present an uninterrupted luxury experience.

To begin the partnership and usher in the new event, Marc Luini, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover France, presented Omer Acar, general manager of Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris with the keys to the cars.

Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris entrance

Guests are encouraged to reserve a trip in either vehicle for an intimate glimpse at vehicle features, as well as to the Parisian landscape.

A chauffeur and Champagne will be available for a “Paris by Night” drive, giving guests a chance for a romantic excursion.

The partnership also includes a top tier level for members of Jaguar and Land Rover’s “X-Clusive” and “Terrritories” groups.

Special events ranging from pre-release screenings of new movies at the hotel’s private cinema and cocktail mixology classes await members, per Jaguar Land Rover France.

Clean publicity

The partnership between both luxury companies can be favorable since they display brand traits from new angles and brings together new crowds of consumers.

The Jaguar Land Rover France partnership shows gumption by filling a common convenience gap for luxury travelers – transportation.

Hotel guests may find that this arrangement simplifies their stay and also sharpens their understanding of these luxury vehicles.

Similar car partnerships sprouted from comparable convenience gaps have yielded similar results.

For example, Starwood-owned St. Regis Hotels & Resorts is continuing its partnership with Bentley Motors to target affluent auto aficionados with a package that includes a road trip along California’s Pacific Coast Highway (see story).

Also, Ferrari and Veuve Clicquot are holding events to celebrate the beginning of their partnership in global markets (see story).

"The program is a strong demonstration of how the partners give priority to providing a high standard of quality and convenience to their patrons," Mr. Kurtz said.

"Consumers will learn the attributes and appeals of the two vehicles and will be impressed by the attention they are receiving from the partners offering this program," he said.

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York