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Maserati fetes Quattroporte with tour, exclusive sound system

July 19, 2013


Italian automaker Maserati is teaming up with high-end audio specialist Bowers & Wilkins for the Seven Notes Tour to introduce the 805 Maserati Edition speakers and ignite global interest in the Quattroporte vehicle.

The automaker is traveling the globe to throw parties in honor of the Quattroporte and its partnership with Bowers & Wilkins. Transforming the engine's sounds into conceptual music and structuring the tour around this premise will likely attract a younger, nightlife-oriented crowd.

"We approached Maserati as we understood it was looking to improve its audio offering and felt we were well placed overall to make an appropriate audio partner," said Danny Haikin, UK Brand Director, Bowers & Wilkins, London.

"As a high-end audio specialist and maker of some of the world’s most iconic hi-fi systems only the most advanced acoustic materials the new premium surround system draws on Bowers & Wilkins extensive know-how along with the brand’s technologies and pioneering use of materials to raise audio performance to new levels," he said.

"The co-operation is great for Bowers & Wilkins as it allows us to expose new audiences to the delights of great sound reproduction."

Maserati did not respond by press deadline.

Conch shells and speakers
The Seven Notes Tour is based on music tracks inspired by the seven notes of a Maserati v8 engine. Musician and producer Howie B. composed and recorded the notes and will give a live performance at each location during the tour.

The tracks are available at the Seven Notes Web site. A video explains how the concept developed.

The making of Seven Notes video

The tour's events allow consumers and media to immerse themselves in Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins and to observe eminent products from both brands.

The tour encompasses Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London and a special Vogue tribute event during Men's Fashion week in Milan.

Bowers & Wilkin configured the 805 Maserati Edition sound system to match the acoustics and shape of the new Quattroporte. The speaker's exterior is made from Bird's Eye Maple real wood veneer and black Maserati leather.

805 Maserati edition speakers

The speakers are situated on an integrated stand, so some drivers may elect to forego the protrusion.

The 2014 Maserati Quattroporte is larger and lighter than its predecessors. The extra room may lend itself to a mounted speaker.

Maserati Quattroporte

More than headphones

Partnering with an organization invested in the contemporary music scene can revitalize a luxury brand.

For example, Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil is aiming for younger, aspirational consumers through a sponsorship of music platform This is Wired to promote emerging talent.

Linking up with a rising music scene will likely help Raymond Weil to win favor among a younger audience that may develop loyalties to the brand. Additionally, by emphasizing its commitment to uncovering only the best talent, the brand does not dilute its image (see story).

Connecting with contemporary artists can also help shift a brand's image.

For instance, French leather goods and scarves maker Hermès is captivating fans in a digital campaign with a symphonic video inspired by the brand’s new silver jewelry collection.

Although the brand has ventured into the digital arena before, ”The Sound of Hermès Silver” campaign was designed to reach a global audience. The campaign draws on the expertise of various artists to deliver an artful video that aligns with the brand’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship (see story).

For Maserati drivers, the music will endure past concerts and videos since speakers will accompany them wherever they go.

"Many people will spend more time listening to music in their car as they do at home," Mr. Haikin said.

"And the combination of a great driving experience and great sound in a car is a truly amazing experience," he said.

"Music is usually evocative of a place, and hearing it produced accurately with all of its detail and nuance intact just amplifies the experience to a new level."

Final Take

Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York