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Luxury hotels should spruce up culinary offers for Mother’s Day

April 28, 2014

Cut by Wolfgang Puck at Beverley Hillshire Cut by Wolfgang Puck at Beverley Hillshire


As Mother's Day approaches on May 11, luxury hotels are appealing to the family sentiments of sons, daughters, siblings, spouses and relatives of all stripes.

While the holiday may not generate the kinds of extended stays that other holidays do, hotels can still capitalize on the widespread desire to indulge. Revamped menus, spa offers and partnerships with local retailers are effective tactics to pull in guests looking to spend a few hours at a property.

"It’s not breaking news that Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year at most restaurants, and with many hotels today having several dining options on-property, Mother’s Day has the potential to be a very busy weekend for hotels," said Damon M. Banks, freelance journalist and media consultant, New York.

"With so many great Mother’s Day Packages available today, which include luxury accommodations, dining, luxury amenities and more," he said. "It’s a perfect time for hotels to have a busy weekend between spring breaks and summer vacations.

"Another smart strategy for so many hotels today is to reach out to the community. With luxury hotels today, they are great for overnight stays, but almost equally as enjoyable for locals who want to take advantage of great dining, relaxing spa services and other 'guests for the day' amenities and activities that can be provided to the locals."

Keeping it simple

For many holidays, tradition tends to outweigh originality and families take comfort in rituals. One of the more common rituals is returning to the same restaurant year after year.

Consequently, some properties will have a built-in audience on May 11, with many guests from the year before filling the room.

Ballantyne 1

Gallery Restaurant at The Luxury Collection's Ballantyne Hotel

To entice new consumers, hotels should spice up their menus for the day. Four Seasons Beverley Hillshire is offering a special prix fixe menu for bunch and is extending hours that evening in its Cut by Wolfgang Puck restaurant where mothers will be greeted with a glass of champagne.

A temporary pop-up space, new menu theme, special deals or an atmospheric redesign are a few ways to boost traffic for the evening.

Spas are another area to explore.


The Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria, New York

Luxury hotels recently began to unveil spa packages to initiate luxury travelers into the warmer climate. Waldorf Astoria New York's Guerlain Spa, for example, is encouraging mothers to visit for special deals and complimentary engravings on products with any purchase.

Some updated offers include a facial series, body slimming series, waxing series and guests can take the next step with a polish or spray tan (see story).

Gift cards and one-day treatments will likely appeal to relatives looking for last-minute gifts.

Also, teaming up with a local retailer for a one-day shopping event could drive traffic. Many affluent families will be hitting popular shopping strips such as Madison Avenue and any extra incentives will be welcome.

The heart

Many luxury properties make the family a central aspect of campaigns.

For instance, Starwood’s St. Regis Hotels & Resorts leveraged the voices of four popular bloggers and enacted an Instagram campaign to animate its Family Traditions initiative.

The Family Traditions Instagram campaign asked fans to submit a photograph illuminating a cherished family pastime for a chance to win a stay at a St. Regis hotel or resort. As ordinary fans are submitting their photos, the four chosen bloggers charted their trips with their families to various St. Regis properties (see story).

"For many, it’s difficult to travel with work and school, so taking a day to enjoy the spa, dinner, brunch and more at a local hotel provides a perfect local getaway," Mr. Banks said.

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York