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16 female artists reinterpret ‘Miss Dior’ in Shanghai exhibit

June 23, 2014

Dior Shanghai "Miss Dior" exhibit in Shanghai


French fashion label Christian Dior is bringing the work of 16 female artists to a Shanghai exhibit that runs to July 20.

The "Miss Dior" exhibit includes paintings, installations, films, photographs and montages to provide guests with many different ways of understanding the iconic perfume of the same name. The exhibit further emphasizes the link between the brand and the art world by showcasing the relationship founder Christian Dior had with artists such as Pablo Picasso, Man Ray and Salvador Dali.

Iconic pieces

The artists tapped for the exhibit come from diverse backgrounds to lend a range of perspectives to the brand's original perfume. A reference to Miss Dior accompanies each piece to highlight the inspiration.


"Miss Dior" exhibit in Shanghai

Housed in the Sculpture Space in Shanghai, the exhibit includes white walls and white floors, and many of the works feature a similarly subdued color palette. However, bursts of color appear in a handful of pieces. While the predominance of white expresses the order needed to succeed in the fashion world, the colors indicate the exuberance that the brand infuses its collections with.

'Miss Dior' Exhibition - Natalie Portman Interview

Dior has been promoting the exhibit's opening and the many celebrities who attended the debut to generate excitement on its social media pages.


Brand ambassador for Miss Dior perfume, Natalie Portman, at the opening

The exhibit initially opened in Paris last November.

'Miss Dior' Exhibition Opening - Shanghai

The fashion label currently has another exhibit traveling the world. “Le Petit Théâtre Dior,” which recreates couture garments in miniature form, opened at its first stop, the label’s Chengdu, China flagship store, on May 31. Using tiny versions of garments will likely appeal to consumer sentiment, as well as adding a novelty to the display (see story).