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Four Seasons Buenos Aires connects guests with local perfumer

July 29, 2014

Four Seasons Buenos Aires Four Seasons Buenos Aires


Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina, is offering guests the opportunity to create their own signature scent.

The Extraordinary Experience will give guests the opportunity to learn about and create perfume with an Argentinean perfumer. Many consumers enjoy incorporating educational aspects into their trips, so this opportunity to also learn the basics of a trade will likely seem appealing.

"This experience defines the Four Seasons because it is unique, memorable, reflects something of our culture and it is sensorial and tailor-made," said Gabriel Oliveri, director of sales and marketing at Four Seasons Buenos Aires.

Personal scent

This Four Season Extraordinary Experience will arrange a lunch between guests and Julian Bedel, a renowned Argentinean perfumer. Mr. Bedel co-founded a boutique perfumery named Fueguia 1833.

The experience starts with a kit in the guest's room crafted by Fueguia. Then an exclusive lunch at one of the hotel's restaurants will give guests the opportunity to discuss ingredients that best reflect the individual’s style and personality.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires scent

Fueguia 1833 laboratory

After lunch the guest visits Fueguia’s micro-laboratory where Mr. Bedel uses the ingredients discussed to create an aromatic identity for the guest. The original scent will be crafted in front of the guest and she will have the ability to catch a whiff of the fragrance.

The guest then has three options to choose from before the experience concludes, and these choices will be sent to the guest as they are enjoying the candle and massage oil Mr. Bedel chose for them in their suite. The fragrance that is decided upon will take about a month to bottle into three sizes and will be sent to the consumer’s home once completed.

Four Seasons signature scent experience

The bottles will arrive in a wooden box crafted from fallen trees in Patagonia.

Guests will also receive complimentary airport transportation, accommodations in the Presidential or the Owner's suite and breakfast for two.

It is suggested that interested guests book the experience a few months prior to their visit with the hotel.

Individualized vacations
Personal experiences allow guests to gain an understanding and a guided education of various cultural aspects of their hotel’s location.

For instance, Four Seasons Hotel Seattle offered guests the opportunity to witness the inner workings behind artist Dale Chihuly’s pieces.

The excursion was part of the brand’s Extraordinary Experiences and allowed guests to see the behind-the-scenes of the artist and his team’s creations and enjoy a VIP tour of Seattle’s Chihuly exhibition. The package allowed guests to gain a deeper understanding of the Washington-born artist while enjoying Four Seasons accommodations (see story).

Similarly, Trump SoHo New York improved the family experience with its Young Entrepreneur SoHo program that aimed to foster business-oriented behavior.

The YES program provided kids with a number of signifiers such as business cards and activities that may foster a sense of being business-savvy. Although not many children around the age of 10 are ready to start a business, some parents may want to instill an early sense of direction (see story).

Having the opportunity to gain a deeper connection with a specific hotel location and a hotel brand can generate loyal consumers. Also, a consumer’s educational experience through one activity at the hotel can spark greater, previously unknown, interests with the local culture of the hotel and potentially more activities offered through the brand.

"Offering an experience as this, I believe, offers the guests a feeling of recognition, to get something that can only be experienced at Four Seasons," Mr. Oliveri said.

"[Guests] know we have worked to offer something really designed for them," he said. "I think the experience involves the guest more with the world of Four Seasons."

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York