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Burgess Yachts to showcase $1B in yachts at boat shows

September 16, 2014

Burgess Yacht's Mondango 3 Burgess Yacht's Mondango 3


Super yacht brokerage Burgess Yachts will feature a combined billion-dollar inventory of yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, Cannes Yachting Festival and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The brand’s presence at these festivals will present the yachts among other top yachting companies and will demonstrate new boats as well as several different fleets. By being at the top yachting events this season, Burgess is likely to attract the attention of consumers and competitors with its fleets.

“Because the three shows have different audiences and different markets, they need different fleets since they are quite different shows,” said Alev Kargulle, director of marketing and communications at Burgess Yachts, London.

“We work with a global audience. We have clients everywhere in the world from the our doorstep in London to New York, Paris, Singapore, Australia and Middle East,” she said. “You cannot capture the entire market with just one show and all the shows have limited access, so it is a practical and logistical that we show the boats in different venues in different shows throughout the year.”

Broadening Burgess
Cannes Yachting Festival was Sept. 9 - 14, the Monaco Yacht Show will be Sept. 24 - 27 and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be Oct. 30 to Nov. 3.

At the Monaco Yacht Show, there will be nearly 3,300 feet of super yachts with an average vessel length of more than 173 feet. There will be 11 vessels in Port Hercules and about another 20 anchored with a private tender transporting interested guests to tour the boats.

Burgess Yachts illusion

Illusion will be at Monaco's show

Yachts at the show will include boats priced from about $12,426,236 to $153,950,850.

The highest priced yacht is the Cakewalk, which can accommodate 14 guests and is about 280.9 feet in length. The yacht was built in 2010 in the United States.

Burgess Yachts Cakewalk


The Fort Lauderdale show will have the largest display of yachts in the water this year. Burgess will have about a quarter of a billion dollars worth of super yachts at the show.

Since the financial crisis Burgess has recently seen its strongest period with 23 sales to date and a positive outlook with building plans and requests already formulated.

Yachting presence
With the upcoming holiday season and the improved economy, yacht brands have turned to accommodating the consumer.

For instance, Burgess Yachts is gearing up for the spike in charter requests around the holiday season with a number of updated propositions.

Stressing the priority of customization, Burgess strives to curate itineraries that fit the needs of its diverse clientele. Regardless of the product category, consumers have resoundingly weighed in favor of bespoke options (see story).

Also, Web site The Superyacht Life recently launched the first issue of its lifestyle publication, 71% magazine.

The publication is biannual and covers superyachting and the lifestyle that coincides with superyacht owners, featuring ads from top brands across several spectrums. The magazine supplements the Web site and creates a space for readers to subscribe and participate to enjoy the content further (see story).

Placing a large fleet of yachts across the three shows will likely place Burgess Yachts in the minds of interested consumers.

“A boat show is a practical environment for someone who is going to acquire a boat because you can look across the market,” Ms. Kargulle said.

“The boat show is practical because you have most of the inventory all in one place and you can get around a lot of boats in a short space of time," she said. "It is a very good way to look at the market without having to travel, there is a definite benefit for the consumer."

Final Take

Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York