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Four Seasons crafts itineraries in the sky

November 13, 2014

FS Four Seasons promotional image


Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is putting its new jet to good use next year with a number of customized experiences.

The hotel brand has taken pride in curating immersive global trips for consumers for several years, but has always had to depend on third-party flights. Now, Four Seasons will have greater control over the details, ensuring a more consistent brand experience.

"We have looked at all aspects of the journey and applied a Four Seasons filter to be able to deliver seamless service every step of the way," said Sorya Gaulin, director of corporate public relations and social media at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Toronto.

"No detail is overlooked: from menus created by Four Seasons chefs to staff, to seat design and special on board amenities, to with comprehensive training from Four Seasons," she said.

"The total experience must deliver the legendary level of service the brand is known for both aboard the jet and on the ground."

Light flight

Four Seasons shored up autonomy for its global travel programs back in March by introducing the branded 52-passenger jet.

Four Seasons Jet experiences

Four Seasons jet

The retrofitted Boeing 757 will begin flying passengers of bespoke journeys in February 2015. Many of the hotel chain’s journeys bring guests to a new country every other day, so being able to further curate a significant portion of the experience will reduce the chance for mishaps and increase the chance for branded connections (see story).

The brand then released a series of experiences that consumers can secure for 2015.

FS Jet

Four Seasons promotional image

Trips follow the same format of the brand's past journeys, but Four Seasons now has even more ability to ensure a favorable experience.

Four experience are currently available, and each journey brings guests to numerous countries.

Four Seasons Jet Experience 1

Four Seasons jet interior

For instance, the "Cultural Escape" trip brings guests to London, Petra, Jordan, and the Dead Sea, Dubai, Seychelles, Serengeti, Florence and back to London.

Through the new arrangement, guests can expect to have in-flight details curated to the same standard as the rest of the trip. This means, Four Seasons' acclaimed food offers will be available in the air.

For the duration of the journeys, guests will be accompanied by a concierge team that will streamline and enhance the experience for all members.

Also, the hotel chain tapped Dom Pérignon to be the exclusive Champagne provider for the jet experiences.

6-26 Dom Perignon bottle

Dom Pérignon bottle

All of the journeys begin at $100,000.

Four Seasons released a time lapse video showing how the jet was branded.

Four Seasons Private Jet - Building The Experience

Changing expectations

Four Seasons has a knack for developing creative experiences.

For instance, the hotel chain drove down the East Coast through Nov. 11 to treat consumers to food from its top chefs.

The food served on the truck varied at each destination to reflect the different styles of each culinary team. This concept effectively promotes the brand’s culinary roots and will likely earn many consumers along its journey who will now see the chain as an ideal place to stop for a bite to eat (see story).

A crucial component of all new endeavors is finding the right partners.

"At Four Seasons, we continue to seek out innovative partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision and values, and Dom Pérignon is a good example," Ms. Gaulin said.

"Their dedication to quality and heritage has made their reputation and we’ve had a long history of serving Dom Pérignon at our hotels around the world," she said.

"Together, we are pleased to elevate the Four Seasons Private Jet experience by offering the service we are known for and Dom Pérignon champagne, at 40,000 feet."

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, staff writer on Luxury Daily, New York