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YSL fetes Paris fragrance’s 30th anniversary with special-edition bottles

November 24, 2014

Limited-edition Paris Venini bottle Limited-edition Paris Venini bottle


French atelier Saint Laurent is reinterpreting its Paris fragrance bottle through a collaboration with glassblowers in Murano, Italy.

To celebrate the fragrance’s 30th anniversary, YSL Beauté teamed with master glassblowers Verrerie Venini to produce a limited-edition bottle just in time for the holidays. Numerous beauty and fragrance brands release special editions for the holiday seasons to capitalize on entry-level gifting and individuals searching for unique presents.

Bottled up
Saint Laurent’s presence on social media is minimal, with Venini sharing the news of the collaboration on its Facebook page. In the post, Venini linked to a Vogue France article regarding the 10-piece Paris L’édition Venini bottle.

Within the article, the reader discovers a video showing the creation of the bottles using the murrine technique. To compare the standard bottle with the limited-edition Venini decanter, both are shown.

Yves Saint Laurent: Paris à Murano by Vogue Paris

Venini’s glassblowers used bright and rich colored glass in crimson, yellow and pink. The creator, Sophia Grojsman, signed each bottle and was inspired by vintage roses of the Marrakesh gardens in Morocco.

Two of the limited-edition bottles will be sold in Paris department stores Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and Printemps Haussmann. The others will be available at undisclosed locations in Dubai, the United States and China.

The special-edition Paris fragrance retails for approximately $7,455. A standard bottle of YSL Beauté’s Paris is sold for $90.

Others are pushing high-priced, limited-edition personal care products for the holidays.

For instance, French footwear label Christian Louboutin has unveiled a limited-edition nail lacquer bottle with an asking price on par with a pair of its coveted pumps (see story).