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Maserati looks back to origins by honoring entrepreneurs

November 26, 2014

Maserati centennial Maserati centennial


Italian automaker Maserati is teaming with the Centre for Entrepreneurs to determine 100 of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs to celebrate 100 years of Maserati.

Consumers will be able to nominate their own submissions and the final 100 entrepreneurs will be announced in early 2015. The initiative will help Maserati draw attention to its own heritage as well as the accomplishments of 100 individuals, bringing attention to the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand.

“Maserati was founded 100 years ago thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Alfieri Maserati and his four brothers,” said Peter Denton, region manager at Maserati North Europe. “In its centennial year Maserati would like to celebrate today's established entrepreneurs who are generously giving their time and expertise to help the next generation reach success.

“Maserati would like to recognize the important contribution British entrepreneurs are making to society,” he said.

Calling all entrepreneurs

Nomination submissions begin Nov. 25 and will run through Dec. 24. Interested consumers and fans can nominate their friends or family on a dedicated Web site for the event.

The Web site features an invitation to nominate a person. Maserati is recognizing entrepreneurs of the next generation with this campaign.

Maserati 100

Maserati 100

To recognize someone the person must submit a name, email, entrepreneur’s name and the reasons for nomination.

"Maserati is facilitating open nominations which give the public an opportunity to recognize someone who can reflect on their own success and pass on their wisdom to the up-and-coming generation of entrepreneurs," Mr. Dention said. "Maserati, together with the Centre for Entrepreneurs, will be hosting an exclusive event in London for 'The Maserati 100.' At that event guests will be invited to enjoy the luxury of a Maserati for themselves with a chauffeur driven Quattroporte of Ghibli."

The automaker is honoring those individuals with the Centre for Entrepreneurs, an organization that looks to create economic growth and social well-being through the recognition of entrepreneurs.

Maserati nominate

Nomination form

In a branded statement, Luke Johnson, founder of the Centre for Entrpreneurs and Maserati ambassador said, “The support of established entrepreneurs can take many forms; from funding or mentoring to providing office space or equipment. This support is vital to the continued growth of British economy and society as a whole. The impact of entrepreneurs is exemplified by the fact that the UK has created more jobs in the past four years than the rest of the EU put together.”

Historical celebrations
Celebrating the past of a brand can bring attention to its storied history while honoring modern day collaborations and consumers.

For instance, France’s Cartier celebrated 30 years of Foundation Cartier, an organization built to celebrate contemporary art.

The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain promotes art by discovering upcoming artists and celebrating the lesser known sides of famous artists. Foundation Cartier honored the anniversary with an exhibition that will showcase the creation and freedom of its past artists (see story).

Similarly, French apparel and accessories label Longchamp honored the Le Pliage handbag’s history over the past 20 years.

Created in 1994, the bag is recognized around the world and Longchamp celebrated the popularity with a microsite, an artist collaboration and a consumer photo submission element. The campaign surrounding Le Pliage will honor the consumers of the handbag and spark interest in the new editions of the purse (see story).

"Maserati and entrepreneurs share many values; insatiable hunger for success, the desire to be the very best and innovative thinking," Mr. Denton said.

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York