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Sentient Jet signs on for season with hockey team

December 10, 2014

Sentient Jet partners with Nashville Predators Sentient Jet partners with Nashville Predators


Private aviator Sentient Jet is teaming with the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators to accommodate the premium partners of the team.

The partnership will go through the entire 2014-2015 season and will allow the partners access to the private jet program. Sentient Jet will likely extend its presence in the country music capital, a step that may lead to more involvement with other teams, events and individuals.

"As a National Hockey League team that is a staple of the growing Nashville community and followed by many fans around the US, the Nashville Predators are a natural partner for Sentient Jet," said Andrew Collins, president of Sentient Jet. "Through the partnership, Sentient will expand its involvement with the Nashville community through its presence in the Lexus Lounge, 501 Club and other exclusive areas of Bridgestone Arena."

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The Nashville Predators play in the Bridgestone Arena within the city. Sentient Jet has a presence already within the arena in the Lexus Lounge, 501 Club and other exclusive areas.

This partnership will extend the brand’s name within the stadium and with the fans of the team.

Sentient Jet Predators

Nashville Predators

Premium partners of the Predators will be able to be part of the private jet card program. The 25-Hour Jet Card comes in four size options for the jets that will be flown. Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Heavy planes and two age classes are available for jet card consumers. The starting price is $124,825.

In a branded statement, Joe Cogen, Bridgestone Arena and Nashville Predators CEO said, "Partnering with Sentient Jet to offer unprecedented private aviation access to our customers is a continuation of the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena’s commitment to excellence and incredible service. As home to the Nashville Predators and as one of the top sports and entertainment venues in the United States, partnering with a company like Sentient was the clear choice and we’re looking forward to developing our relationship in the upcoming year."

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Other private aviation companies have used sporting events to extend their reach and interact with new consumers.

For example, private aviation company Jet Edge International participated in the 2014 Bridgehampton polo season as the official private jet partner.

Jet Edge teamed with Hearst’s Town & Country magazine for the opening and closing days of the season and offered its private fleets for charter by fans throughout the entire season. The VIP experience likely created an alliance between polo fans and the brand that might carry through to future interactions (see story).

Also, private aviation company XOJet targeted affluent consumers watching the US Open Tennis Tournament for its first television commercial.

There were four variations of the commercial including three 15-second spots and one 30-second version. The commercial debuted Aug. 27 on the Tennis Channel and ran run through Sept. 9 when tournament coverage stopped (see story).

Jet partnerships also offer the sports teams and events to gain an unique opportunity for their fans.

“With premier clubs such as the Lexus Lounge and the 501 Club that are important parts of Bridgestone Arena, partnering with a company like Sentient Jet is another way we can provide a service to our fans that we were not able to offer before," said Chris Junghans, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Nashville Predators. "We strive to provide the utmost value and experience to our guests and this partnership is a natural extension of our commitment to best in class customer service and amenity for all fans who visit our building.

"As a trusted private aviation company, Sentient Jet was the clear choice for a partnership in the area of luxury travel and we’re looking forward to continuing to cultivate that relationship during the upcoming season," he said.

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Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York