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Land Rover rejects hibernation in UK this winter

January 16, 2015

Land Rover's Hibernot campaign Land Rover's Hibernot campaign


British automaker Land Rover continues to encourage locals to get outside this winter to enjoy the cold weather.

Land Rover’s hashtag #Hibernot campaign is asking consumers in the United Kingdom to not hibernate indoors this winter and enjoy seasonal activities outdoors. The campaign has run previously and includes an online hub that updates with daily winter activities in the U.K. which will consistently drive consumers back to Land Rover’s Web site throughout the winter season.

"The #Hibernot campaign works to take the mantra of enjoying the great outdoors and connect it with Land Rover brand," said Andrew Higgins, digital strategist at Pixlee, San Francisco.

"The digital hub only helps strengthen this by creating a controlled and branded experience for consumers to learn and engage with content specifically geared towards 'not hibernating' this winter," he said.

Let’s play

The campaign saw an experimental attempt last weekend as Land Rover pulled together a spur-of-the-moment pop-up that encouraged people to take advantage of the snowfall.

The overnight pop-up turned Alexandra Palace Park in North London into a winter wonderland with snowtubing, marshmallow roasting and snowball fights. Branded Land Rover snow tubes were used and British singer Pixie Lott from “Strictly Come Dancing” was present at the event.

Land Rover Hibernot snow day

Hibernot snow day

On the #Hibernot hub on Land Rover’s Web site there are more than 300 recommendations of winter activities in the U.K.

Consumers can view the happenings on a map to see the areas that have a high concentration, although it is also possible to view the options in a list. On the map when the viewer clicks on the location they are brought in toward the region, zooming in on the options available. Each activity has an image and the option to find out more.

If interested in a suggestion, viewers can add it to their itinerary on the site, and once completed they can check it off. Consumers' plans can grow on their itinerary list that minimizes on the bottom of the page, and once completed it can be printed.

Land Rover hibernot

Hibernot map

Viewers also have the opportunity to “Share this adventure” with family and friends on social media.

If the consumer has completed an adventure that is not on the map, they can upload their own option to share it with other Land Rover consumers.

Users have the option to narrow in on one genre of winter activities; for instance, their map can just show events, or only trails.

Valuable events
Engaging consumers in a manner that is non-traditional, but aligns with a brand’s core values, can drive attention from a larger population of individuals.

Previously, Land Rover connected with its values as it sponsored the first Invictus Games Sept. 10-14 that gave sick or wounded service members the opportunity to compete in a number of sports.

Three hundred veterans from 13 nations competed in eight events ranging from archery to swimming. Elevating these competitors to an international stage likely helped to spread awareness about the many challenges facing veterans when returning from active duty (see story).

Also, Valentino, along with other luxury marketers such as Missoni, Maserati and Bentley Motors, partnered with the Cash & Rocket charity drive in different capacities to portray its philanthropic values to the public.

Valentino designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, for example, represented the brand as one of 70 participants in the four-day tour June 13-16 by driving a red Maserati Gran Cabrio down the French Riviera with her daughter Rachele. Luxury marketers need to participate in charity not only for alignment with their foundational values, but also to appeal to the sentiments of the affluent consumer segment (see story).

Looking at a brand's values can form a community of consumers around the morals.

"Hopefully [this will get] a community of other active, #Hibernot enthusiasts, that all want to continue to enjoy the great outdoors throughout this winter season," Mr. Higgins said.

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York