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Sentient Jet organizes charity benefit for autism in Aspen

February 13, 2015

Sentient Jet partners with Nashville Predators Sentient Jet


Private aviator Sentient Jet will be sponsoring the fourth annual Light It Up Blue evening in Aspen, CO to support children and families with autism.

The primary goal of the Light It Up Blue event is to provide financial assistance for families in rural mountain communities who may not have access to care they require. Additionally, LIUB Aspen will help increase awareness for the disorder and raise donations to help those in need.

“Autism is an extremely important cause as it is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world and affects about one in every 68 children,” said Andrew Collins, president of Sentient Jet, Braintree, MA. “Light It Up Blue Aspen is a great event that brings together the Aspen community to support this cause, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

Up, up and away

Light It Up Blue Aspen will be held Sunday, Feb. 15 at the Hotel Jerome in the heart of Aspen. The event will bring people in the Aspen community together and benefit the two charities, Extreme Camp/Ascendigo and Autism Speaks.

There will be hors d’oeuvres, homemade cocktails, fine wine, music and dancing. A celebrity guest, Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, will entertain the guests.


Sentient Jet markets itself as being large enough for the whole family

Sentient Jet is not only sponsoring the Light It Up Blue event, but also providing raffles that will likely earn significant amounts of money for the foundation that will then be donated to the charities Austism Speaks and Extreme Sports Camp.

One item up for auction is a $10,000 Flight Card that can be used to fly anywhere, while another is a day of skiing with Mr. Moseley. Two of these items have already been sold before the event and have raised $10,000.


There is plenty of space for each individual on the jet

Autism is an important cause that strikes a personal note with many families on account of the fact that one in every 68 children born is diagnosed with the disorder, and doctors are still unclear as to what causes it.

Autism is known as one of the fastest-growing developmental disabilities in the world, and without raising awareness and funds it may never be possible to find a cure or learn its cause.


Sentient Jet is a popular service

Join the club

Sentient Jet has previously used creative ways to make its services more appealing to consumers. In 2014, the brand looked to lure new travelers that holiday season with a limited-edition jet card.

Consumers that purchased a Sentient Jet membership between Nov. 24 and Dec. 31 received a 25-hour Jet Card that included a few perks. Many private jet brands depend on memberships rather than one-time purchases, so enticing offers such as these are effective at locking consumers in and potentially converting them to members (see story).

It would might have been more useful, however, if Sentient Jet had added further incentives to its most recently program. Earlier in 2015, the private aviator firm integrated into the fan base of another sport at the International Polo Club in Wellington, FL.

This year will see the first annual Sentient Jet Challenge, and the player with the most goals during the 2015 season will receive an award from the brand. Sentient Jet repeatedly seeks athletic partnerships likely to introduce the brand to die-hard sport fans willing to jet set to the next game or match (see story).

Perhaps by adding more competition elements to the LIUB Aspen event, the brand would have been able to secure even more donations from fans. Neverthess, the event has already proven quite successful.

“Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley is a great draw,” Mr. Collins said. “He has helped to raise $10,000 through the two ski sessions that we sold in advance of the event with all of the proceeds going directly to the cause.

“Supporting organizations like Autism Speaks and Extreme Sports Camp/Ascendigo is important to us as a company because we want to have a positive impact on the communities we are involved with, and we feel that Sentient cardholders share this desire to give back."

Final Take

Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York