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Aston Martin highlights heritage with new British car

March 2, 2015

Aston Martin's unique Rapide S car Aston Martin's unique Rapide S car


British automaker Aston Martin is harkening back to its roots by participating in the "Great Britain" international marketing campaign to increase investment and tourism in the United Kingdom.

Aston Martin’s chief executive officer Dr. Andy Palmer launched the latest element of the campaign at a business-to-business seminar in Tokyo, Japan on Feb. 27, emphasizing the importance of the many partnerships between the two countries. The automaker is releasing a new Rapide S four-door model that features unique British-themed additions.

"Aston Martin is a globally renowned British luxury brand, and we are pleased to play a role in the U.K. Government’s Great Britain campaign in Japan," said Matthew Clarke, public relations and brand communications manager at Aston Martin, The Americas.

"Today’s event at Roppongi Hills highlights the breadth and depth of British innovation, showcasing the best the U.K. has to offer."

Royal treatment

Aston Martin announced the new model at an event promoting the Great Britain campaign in Japan. The event was hosted by the British government, and His Royal Highness, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attended.

The brand's association with the royal family further emphasizes its British heritage. Additionally, it is ideal for a luxury company to cultivate ties with upper class celebrities.

aston martin gb 6

Prince William attended the event in Tokyo, Japan

“This makes a lot of sense because it is a British car, and Aston Martins were built in the U.K. to begin with,” said Lauren Fix, automotive expert and author of “Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car,” Lancaster, NY. “They are beautiful cars, and because they are built in the UK, it’s nice to show a partnership with the government.

“Showing that they have a relationship with the royal family also emphasizes their roots," she said. "Especially because the company is now partially owned by Saudi Arabians, they want to show that the car is still designed and developed in the U.K.”

aston martin gb 4

The car was designed using the Q personalization service

Aston Martin's British-themed Rapide S model was designed using the brand's special Q customization system. By using a system that is available to consumers the brand is doubling its publicity.

It is likely that consumers who see the Great Britain campaign will be interested in how this model was created. They will be able to design and create their own customized cars using Aston Martin's Q personalization service.

aston martin gb 3

The inside of the car was blue with red accents

The car created for the campaign is all white with the Great Britain logo in small blue letters on its side. Also, the Aston Martin hood ornament is decorated with a Union Jack flag.

Inside, the leather upholstery is bright blue with white stitching, and each chair has a red Aston Martin logo on its headrest. The car has four seats and a full trunk that has plenty of storage.

aston martin gb 5

The GREAT Britain logo was featured on the side of the car

Legendary legacy

Aston Martin has previously participated in projects that highlight its British heritage.

For example, the automaker recently unveiled its newest model for the upcoming film of the iconic fictional driver, James Bond.

The vehicle was revealed on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios in London for the newest Bond movie, “Spectre.” This continual relationship with the James Bond franchise aligns Aston Martin with the famous spy and the adventure and mystery found within the series (see story).

In 2014 the British automaker took a different approach by emphasizing the beauty of its home country. Aston Martin brought its latest designs around the United Kingdom on the “Ultimate Evolution Tour.”

Aston Martin drove around the country hosting events at various dealers to showcase its new additions and the brand created a hashtag for fans to snap photos of the tour’s trucks and post them to Instagram and Twitter. This digital and physical tour raised awareness of the new vehicles in Aston Martin’s line-up and highlighted the innovation of the brand in 2014 (see story).

In a similar vein, the partnership with Great Britain allows the brand to increase publicity and connect with consumers.

“Everyone is doing everything they can to bring eyes to the brand,” Ms. Fix said. “They have a new model coming out, and their sales are up.

“They will probably benefit from this," she said. "It brings more attention to the brand on social media and in the celebrity magazines that appeal to those who have the money to buy these cars.

“Overall this is a very positive project.”

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Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York