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Armani gets consumers involved in UNICEF campaign through beauty line

March 18, 2015

UNICEF's Tap Project supports clean water initiatives UNICEF's Tap Project supports clean water initiatives


Italian label Giorgio Armani is continuing to champion UNICEF’s Tap Project through special beauty products.

Throughout the month of March, the brand will be donating proceeds from sales of particular fragrances to the cause, which seeks to provide clean water and sanitation to children globally. Through its multi-year partnership on this campaign, the brand has raised $2.3 million, which translates to 92 million days of clean water.

Getting active
Armani publicized the campaign on its dedicated beauty Facebook page.

Here, it told its followers that they could lend their support by purchasing a $1 rubber bracelet bearing the brand’s name, from which 100 percent of the price would be donated. From $1, Unicef can give one child clean, safe water for 40 days.

Armani Tap Project bracelet

Armani bracelet for Tap Project

Along with the bracelet, consumers will receive a sample of Acqua di Gio. While this will likely appeal to aspirational consumers, the free trial may help convince them to purchase more beauty products from the brand.

A link shared takes consumers to a dedicated page, where they can purchase a limited edition version of Acqua di Gio for $110, with 100 percent of proceeds going to the cause, or shop the full line, with $5 of each purchase being donated.

Armani has also revived its partnership with UNICEF on a mobile awareness campaign, which plays off consumers’ attachment to their smartphones. Via a mobile site for the project, visitors are asked to test how long they can go without touching their device.

Armani UNICEF Tap Mobile

Screenshot of Tap Project mobile site

For each 15 minutes a consumer is away from their phone, UNICEF can provide one day of clean water (see story).