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Guerlain honors perfuming heritage with annual collectable carafe

April 6, 2015

Guerlain's Muguet 2015 bottle Guerlain's Muguet 2015 bottle


French beauty brand Guerlain is celebrating its heritage through a limited-edition bottle for its Muguet fragrance.

Each year since 1998, Guerlain has updated the bottle as a way to examine is standing in the fragrance industry as well as appeal to its wide network of collectors (see story). Muguet’s historic version was created in 1908 giving the scent notoriety within Guerlain’s fragrance portfolio.

Bottled up
Brand founder Jacques Guerlain created Muguet, meaning “lily of the valley,” in 1908 to celebrate the French tradition of giving sprigs of the flower to loved ones on May Day. For its anniversary in 1998, Guerlain began making limited-edition fragrances for special occasions as well as seasonally.

Today’s version of Muguet differs from the original juice created by Mr. Jacques Guerlain and since 1998, when Jean-Paul Guerlain recreated the liquid, the brand has annually updated only the carafe.

For 2015, Guerlain has made a replica of the original “flowered” bottle from 1908. The flagon is made of white porcelain with a stopper of the same material.

The bottle itself is decorated with etching, lily of the valley sprigs and the names of the brand and fragrance in relief. The bottle is tied with a green ribbon around its neck.

Previous bottles have evoked the same codes by featuring Guerlain’s signature carafe designs, floral elements and the color green. Between 2000 and 2005, Guerlain did not create limited-edition bottles for Muguet.


Muguet bottles throughout the year, as seen on enthusiast Web site Monsieur Guerlain

Guerlain’s collectable Muguet bottle for 2015 can be purchased for $473.