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Thomas Pink to dress record-breaking black-tie dinner on Mount Everest

April 20, 2015

Thomas Pink's Dickens suit Thomas Pink's Dickens suit


British fashion label Thomas Pink is dressing guests at a black-tie dinner party in an unexpected location.

Thomas Pink announced on its social media accounts that the brand will be dressing a team of climbers currently ascending Everest to break the world record for hosting the highest black-tie dinner party. The humorous nature of the record will likely help Thomas Pink to stay top of mind given its involvement.

Dress for success
The team of climbers will wear Thomas Pink’s “superfine” Dickens suit to the dinner at 23,293 feet. Thomas Pink’s Dickens suit is 100 percent wool and features the brand’s signature attention to detail such as hand sewn sleeve heads and Ottoman silk lapels. The suit jacket and pants can be purchased for $1,400.

Led by British adventurer Neil Laughton, the team of eight will wear Dickens suits to enjoy a meal prepared by two Michelin Star chef Sat Bains.

To train for the expedition, the team practiced on Mont Blanc, the highest peak among the Alps.

thomas pink.everest blacktie

Practice site on Mont Blanc

Thomas Pink is encouraging its followers to return to its social accounts for updates on the team’s progress as they ascend Mount Everest.

To showcase a pioneering and adventurous spirit, brands often team with expeditions.

For example, British watchmaker Christopher Ward generated interest in its timepieces by sponsoring a mountain climbing expedition on an unclimbed peak in Tajikistan.

The watchmaker sponsored the Tajikistan Silk Road Expedition in the remote mountains to literally put the brand on the map with Mount Christopher Ward. The brand likely saw an increase in exposure after its support of the climbers and the commemorative naming (see story).