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Four Seasons shows off new jet leading up to global tours

April 24, 2015

Interior of Four Seasons branded jet Interior of Four Seasons branded jet


Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is celebrating the first flights of its branded Boeing 757 before a summer full of travel.

After a year of mounting anticipation, the brand has finally begun taking guests into the air. Luxury hospitality brands have enshrined the notion of "unique experiences," which encompasses excellent service, so being able to guard against poor flight quality will help Four Seasons secure repeat travelers who appreciate the holistic treatment.

"From start to finish, this is a fully immersive Four Seasons experience delivering the brand’s exceptional service, from the moment a guest books their trip," said Laura Fairweather, manager of corporate public relations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Toronto.

"The expertly curated itineraries, which include the ultimate luxury of staying only in Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world, deliver the adventure of international travel by private jet while granting exclusive access to extraordinary experiences available only to Four Seasons guests," she said.

"All of this is enhanced by legendary service from a dedicated Four Seasons University trained in-flight crew including a Four Seasons Concierge, Executive Chef and a Global Guest Services Manager committed to creating a customized experience for each guest and making each journey truly special."

The Four Seasons Private Jet is operated by TAG Aviation UK. TAG is world renown for private aircraft operations and have one of the industry's leading training centers. Since 1999, TAG has operated and managed more than 130 aircraft, with their clients being the most elite travelers in the world, from major corporations to the most high net worth individuals from around the globe.

Fluffing pillows

Four Seasons shored up autonomy for its global travel programs in March 2014 by first introducing the branded 52-passenger jet.

The retrofitted Boeing 757 has already begun flying passengers. Many of the hotel chain’s journeys bring guests to a new country every other day, so being able to further curate a significant portion of the experience will reduce the chance for mishaps and increase the chance for branded connections (see story).

To inaugurate the branded jet, Four Seasons released a social video that gives viewers an up-close and detailed look at the jet and how it is operated.

The video shows the crew board the jet and set up accommodations such a fluffing branded pillows and getting the Dom Perignon ready, as the pilots make sure everything is functioning properly.

Four Seasons branded jet screen shot

Video still

Through this rehearsed sequence, viewers get a good sense of what flying in the jet will be like. The light interior contrasts the black exterior, and the detailing affirms the brand's high-luxury aspirations.

The leather flatbed seats are designed by Italian brand Iacobucci and mesh with the hand-woven woollen carpeting and Mongolian cashmere blankets, among other amenities.

Personal Bose audiovisual systems, fine tableware and Bulgari amenity kits are available for all seats.

Four Seasons branded jet interior

Four Seasons branded jet interior

The video concludes with the jet ascending into the air.

Four Seasons private jet revealed

The brand is also inviting consumers to participate in the jet's growing social media narrative with the hashtag #FSJet. The hashtag #FSJetInsider will aggregate content from those on the jet.

Curators eye

The branded jet fits in with the brand's larger commitment to crafting experiences.

For instance, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is compiling top experiences from properties around the world for its new “Extraordinary Experiences Collection” series.

The collection aims to immerse guests in a location’s culture, which inevitably leads to a wide range of potential options. Travelers have consistently professed that trips should entail original experiences, and luxury hotel brands are fundamentally shifting to meet this demand (see story).

"News of the Jet has been extremely positive, with our August Around the World trip sold out," Ms. Fairweather said.

"Many of the guests who have been part of previous Four Seasons Private Jet experiences are private jet owners themselves," she said.

"They choose to travel the world with Four Seasons for the legendary service they know they will receive, the piece of mind that every detail of their journey will be attended to and to experience these adventures with other like-minded individuals who share their passion for travel and adventure."

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Joe McCarthy, staff reporter on Luxury Daily, New York