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Bentley cruises on two wheels for charity

May 4, 2015

Bentley Boys for Care2Share bike race Bentley Boys for Care2Share bike race


British automaker Bentley Motors threw its racing credentials behind the charitable shopping platform Care2Save by participating in a 170-mile bike ride May 1.

Bentley Boys Guy Smith, Andy Meyrick and Steven Kane shifted from four wheels to two to raise awareness for the charity. The 12-hour race generated donations throughout and helps align the brand's motor sports division with a broader cause.

"Bentley has supported St Luke’s Hospice for many years," said Andrea Fragata Ladeira, CEO of Care2Save, Cheshire, Britain. "The hospice has in turn offered support to Bentley staff and their families at very difficult times.

"Care2Save allows us to work in partnership not only to ensure St Luke’s has a stable future but to develop excellence in palliative care beyond our locality in the wider world," she said.

Cause ride

Care2Save was started by St. Luke's hospital and allows consumers to shop to support their favorite causes. Consumers set up an account, select the cause they care about and then shop. Eighty percent of the commission goes to the cause, and 20 percent goes to palliative and hospice care.

To draw attention to the charity, the three drivers on the Bentley Team M-Sport car #7 embarked on the 170-mile ride.


Bentley driver

The members pedaled through Northern Britain, beginning at 5 a.m. and concluding later in the evening that day.

The ride also functioned as part of the team's training and bond-building regimen. While racing may seem to be a comfortable sport, it is actually highly demanding on one's body.

Bentley Boys Charity2Save event

Bentley Boys Charity2Save ride

Fans were invited to sponsor the team as they ride. As of press time, fans donated nearly $1,100 in support.

Endurance is a familiar concept to competitive racers. Throughout the year, numerous events go for more than five hours, with several going for more than 24 hours straight.

Helping out

Other auto brands have partnered with charities recently.

For instance, Britain’s Rolls-Royce Motor Cars employees spent last year raising money for local communities.

Employees raised more than $29,000 for The Parents and Carers Support Organization which sponsors families in the area who have a child with disabilities. Showcasing the dedication of the employees demonstrates that the brand’s values run throughout the entire company (see story).

Also, British automaker Aston Martin interpreted its bespoke Q options to appeal to equestrian enthusiasts with a charity auction model.

The customized DB9 Volante was designed exclusively for the Menlo Charity Horse Show held in Los Gatos, CA. As one of the finest equestrian events in the United States, rooted in a legacy of philanthropy, the horse show likely drew an affluent crowd (see story).

Oftentimes, these initiatives build solidarity among employees.

"Training together forms an integral part of our preparation for the racing season, both physically and mentally," said Guy Smith, Bentley Boy for Bentley Motors, London.

"The race from Bentley’s home in Cheshire to M-Sport in Cumbria seemed an apt way to incorporate training while supporting a worthwhile local cause, Care2Save," he said.

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, staff reporter on Luxury Daily, New York