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Audi promotes summer purchases via collaboration with Toms

June 4, 2015

Limited-edition pair of Toms for Audi this summer Limited edition pair of Toms for Audi this summer


German automaker Audi is working to provide children around the world with shoes through a collaboration with footwear maker Toms' One for One giving program.

The initiative is part of the Summer of Audi Sales Event that is taking place from June 3 until Aug. 4, encouraging consumers to purchase or lease a vehicle for extra incentives during these months. By partnering with a popular charitable organization for this initiative, Audi is inspiring consumers to purchase while at the same time promoting its reputation as a socially conscious brand.

If the shoe fits
Through this new collaboration, consumers will receive a pair of limited edition Toms shoes exclusively designed with the Audi logo, and Toms will donate 55,000 shoes to children in need around the world. Toms One for One giving program works to change the lives of children around the world by providing them with shoes, and this summer Audi will do its part to support this.

The limited-edition shoe that consumers will receive upon purchase or lease of an Audi vehicle is a classic slip-on in gray canvas with red stitching. Audi’s four ring logo will be located on the inner lining and outer side tag.

audi toms 1

The limited-edition shoes will sport Audi's colors and logo

Audi is eager to position itself as a socially conscious brand in many ways. For example, the German automaker is currently trying in multiple ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including with a form of ethanol created from recycled CO2.

Ethanol is traditionally made from corn and its “eco-friendly” status is questionable at best when considering its holistic journey from government incentives to harvest to use. Bioenergy company Joule Unlimited’s ability to make essentially the same product from recycled CO2 is a dramatic departure from the status quo, and Audi’s alignment with the company is a good sign for those concerned about climate change (see story).