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Four Seasons caters to creatives with second artist-in-residence

June 10, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel Denver Four Seasons Hotel Denver


Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Denver is catering to its artistic clients by continuing its artist-in-residence program with fashion photographer Jody Zorn.

Ms. Zorn will be the second artist-in-residence at the Four Seasons in Denver, engaging guests with a variety of events during the month of June, including a fashion shoot and a dinner party. The artist-in-residence program provides an alternative form of entertainment for guests who enjoy the arts.

Art collection
The Four Seasons Hotel Denver will be partnering with Edge Restaurant for the initiative, and Ms. Zorn will be hosting a number of cocktail parties at the bar. Hotel guests will enjoy the opportunity to explore local cuisine and culture.

Ms. Zorn will also occupy a pop-up studio where she will host fashion shoots for the guests. There will be three photo shoots styled according to the themes Splash, Viva and Rouge.

Finally, on June 26 select guests who have reserved a seat will be treated to dinner with Ms. Zorn along with a presentation of the photos from the previous week. Providing guests with the opportunity to meet the artist in-person makes the event more intimate.

Other hotel chains have incorporated art into their events. For example, The Peninsula Hotels & Resorts recently boosted its support of global public art with several new initiatives, including a partnership between its Hong Kong property and the United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Arts that launched a few days prior to Art Basel Hong Kong.

In 2015, Peninsula properties in New York and Manila will join Chicago, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo and Beverly Hills, CA with art events. Continually and consistently implementing art programs across multiple properties will root Peninsula in the subject and grow guests’ trust in its exhibition and art choices throughout the world (see story).