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Lamborghini opens in second South American store in Chile

June 22, 2015

Lamborghini screen shot from Track and Play video Lamborghini screen shot from Track and Play video


Italian automaker Lamborghini is expanding its presence in South America with the opening of a showroom in Santiago, Chile.

The showroom will be the second dealership in South America for the brand, joining the one in São Paulo, Brazil. The extended presence in the region will reach wealthy South American consumers at home as opposed to when traveling abroad.

Name recognition
A.T. Kearney’s Global Retail Development Index Ranking host three South American countries in the top 10: Uruguay, Chile and Brazil (see story).

Also, countries such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Georgia, China and India are positioning themselves as valuable global retail markets for luxury brands looking to expand in these areas (see story).


Lamborghini store in Chile

Lamborghini’s initial presence in Brazil likely jumpstarted the expansion into other South American countries. The opening in Chile will be the second authorized dealer in the region and will likely spread the name of the brand among wealthy Chileans who may have previously interacted with Lamborghini while traveling.