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Ritz-Carlton hosts industry leaders at service course in Dubai

June 26, 2015

Dubai Dubai


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is acting upon its reputation for excellent service with a course led by its Leadership Center at the Dubai, United Arab Emirates property.

The Middle Eastern course will be led by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s vice president Diana Oreck and will discuss the strategies that allow the hotel chain to be highly esteemed in the service industry. The course brings together companies and brands from many different genres, giving Ritz-Carlton a chance to interact with a individuals from industries around the world.

"The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center is excited to extend awareness of The Ritz-Carlton brand into the Middle East region and bring our product into a new market," said Gretchen Newby, director, design and thought leadership at The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Chevy Chase, MD.

"We look forward to building client relationships in the region and to become a resource to businesses looking to improve their customer service, employee engagement and corporate culture," she said.

School is in session
Ms. Oreck will discuss the journey behind creating a culture of service. The determination and integration that occur from different channels help to better a guest’s experience through service.

The Leadership Center frames the journey for companies and allows for hopes and goals to be discussed and set. Steps toward improvement can then be taken in a constructive and useful manner.

Ritz-Carlton Dubai Financial Center

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre

The full-day Service Excellence Culture course offers companies the tools for changing internally to reflect externally to guests and consumers. The class will discuss how to change simple errors and create a multi-year journey that changes not only the service, but the culture of a company.

Ritz-Carlton's course is designed for senior leaders and managers and is $2,050 per person which includes breakfast, lunch and breaks.

The course is The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre in downtown Dubai.

Learning from others
Experiences are the root of a consumer’s interaction with a brand, therefore this interactive model must also turn inward to train and educate employees in a hands-on and informative manner.

At the Luxury Marketing Council’s “The Power of Leadership Education: The Gettysburg Experience” luncheon, executives from the New Haven Consulting Group spoke about learning from history and using lessons learned 150 years ago in the Civil War with brands. Vision, alignment and execution are the three leadership qualities needed to lead troops into battle and are the same characteristics necessary to take charge within a company (see story).

Ritz-Carlton has previously hosted events and courses educating other companies about the inner-workings of being a service-oriented brand well renowned in the industry.

Earlier this year, the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center shared its hospitality expertise with industry experts and brand leaders at its “Your Journey to Service Excellence” symposium in Dallas.

Guests of the symposium received insights from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center into the inner workings of creating and sustaining a successful company. The Ritz-Calrton dished out details on its internal and consumer-facing techniques that maintain the company as a luxury hotel brand across the globe (see story).

"When organizations attend The Ritz-Carlton Leadership courses, they are able to benchmark the business practices of The Ritz-Carlton and consequently, improve their own level of customer service excellence," Ms. Newby said. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand into a new region as we learn and grow, too, with each new client. Consumers vary by region, so we are excited to engage with new clients and embark on their journeys to service excellence with them."

Final Take
Nancy Buckley, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York