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Luxury hotel brands look to round out Fourth of July plans

June 29, 2015

From The Ritz-Carlton's Facebook page From The Ritz-Carlton's Facebook page


As the Fourth of July approaches, luxury hotels are making their cases for a compelling experiences.

Holidays generate substantial travel, providing hotel brands with opportunities to steer guests into their properties and potentially earn loyalists. However, finding a way to stand out on a holiday that has a few, immovable expectations can be challenging.

"Fourth of July can be a difficult pull for hotels," said Taylor Rains, managing partner of Flugel Consulting, Charleston, SC. "It's a big holiday but it's a single day and activity-based.

"In order to stand out, hotels need to leverage what makes their city a unique place to be for Independence Day," he said. "Be it fireworks along the banks of the Potomac River in Washington or the Boston Pops playing patriotic music in Boston.

"It's then on the hotel to find a way to make that experience even more enjoyable for the guest. A picnic basket prepared by the hotel chef, for example. It may seem counterintuitive but, in order to stand out during the holiday, it's best for the hotel to take a back seat to other more established celebrations."

In the air

Fourth of July is mostly about fireworks. For some people, celebrating the independence of the United States from Britain gets tossed in there, but for most people fireworks are what matters.

The main question for consumers then becomes, where is the best place to view the best fireworks show?

The narrow nature of this question can leave little space for brands to wiggle into and persuade consumers of their superior offers.

However, crafting a weekend getaway for consumers or showcasing the advantages of visiting for the day and evening can help properties gain visibility.

Since most Fourth of July plans are sparse and vaguely considered, even if traditional, properties can emphasize how all elements of the day under their guidance will be taken care of, including food, drinks, relaxation and entertainment.

The most affluent consumers may consider Miami's Fisher Island Club, an island resort in the Leading Hotels of the World Collection.

Fisher Island

Fisher Island

After taking a ferry or private yacht to the club, guests can enjoy a golf course, beach club, tennis courts, marinas, restaurants, full-service spa, salon, fitness center, aviary and observatory.

Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club

The exclusive resort will be hosting an exclusive fireworks show right on the water. A barbecue and kids carnival will also be available.

Fireworks - Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club fireworks

"Luxury consumers will find in Fisher Island a haven of beauty, exclusivity, and fun for the entire family," said Bernard Lackner, CEO of Fisher Island Club, Miami. "As throngs gather across Miami to celebrate America’s birthday, guests of the Club are removed from the hustle and bustle of the city to find themselves in the quiet atmosphere of lush tropical grounds and a private beach club, perfect for family lunch gatherings or to enjoy the day on our white Bahamian sand beach or private pool.

"In the afternoon, children will be entertained by a carnival on the Vanderbilt Mansion grounds that includes games, prizes, carnival snacks, bounce houses, and even a water slide," he said. "Following, families can enjoy a traditional American BBQ buffet dinner including the highest-quality cuisine on the Mansion’s East Terrace with a DJ and entertainment for the children.

"The pinnacle of the evening is the Club’s very own fireworks display set to music and viewed directly from the Mansion. Through an all-inclusive celebration with the convenience and exclusivity of being on a private island, 4th of July at Fisher Island Club is the perfect family tradition."

Four Seasons Baltimore is inviting guests to begin their evening in their harbor tavern and then join the festivities outside.

Four Seasons Baltimore Wit & Wisdom tavern

Four Seasons Baltimore Wit & Wisdom tavern

A band will perform on the patio, a number of activities will be available for kids and the evening will end with a fireworks display.

Other properties are leaving the fireworks to the experts.

Four Seasons Boston is inviting guests to spend the weekend for a Broadway experience.

Next up

For hotel brands, the year can sometimes be viewed as a continual procession of holidays with traffic swelling around key dates.

For instance, Luxury hotel brands hewed to tradition this Mother’s Day with a range of offers that promised relief.

Mother’s Day is a time for brands to reaffirm ties and demonstrate superb customer service. The day is generally a time for indulgence, so many brands prepared for busy brunch, lunch and dinner sessions, among other activities (see story).

Final Take
Joe McCarthy, staff reporter on Luxury Daily, New York