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La Mer continues ocean conservation efforts with National Geographic collaboration

June 30, 2015

La Crème de la Mer's limited-edition Blue Heart


Estée Lauder Cos.’ Crème de la Mer is furthering its conservation efforts this year by partnering with National Geographic to promote ocean exploration and preservation.

Crème de la Mer has dedicated its energy to improving ocean conservation for the past 10 years, donating more than $2.6 million since 2008. Promoting charitable efforts that are well aligned with the product can help a brand present a unified message to consumers.

"At the heart of La Mer is a belief in the healing power of the ocean, this is where their history lies," said Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder of Positive Luxury, London. "In order for the ocean to be healing, it must be healthy, and so to support in preserving its wonders is a natural fit for the brand."

Ms. Verde Nieto is not affiliated with La Mer, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

La Mer was unable to comment directly.

Under the sea

This year La Mer is partnering with National Geographic to support three explorers who will work to improve ocean conservation efforts around the world. La Mer has previously worked with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle and will continue its support of her this year.

la mer ocean 1

La Mer created a video to highlight the beauty of the ocean

Additionally, La Mer will support the addition of two new explorers to the team: Dr. David Gruber and Shannon Switzer. Expanding the National Geographic team in this way will help bring more attention to ocean conservation efforts worldwide.

Dr. Gruber is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer who researches bioluminescent and biofluorescent marine animals. Ms. Switzer is a National Geographic Young Explorer who works with communities to help them better understand their relationship with the oceans.

la mer ocean 2

A variety of marine life are featured in La Mer's video

La Mer shared a video of marine life as part of its promotion.

"Storytelling is a powerful tool, and one that consumers are demanding more and more," Ms. Verde Nieto said. "Film is an extremely effective form of storytelling, as it connects an audience with the reality of a situation.

"To show consumers direct footage of the oceans creates a connection with real life, and when connecting this to a campaign that provides a clear opportunity for consumer involvement, we can see a winning combination."

la mer ocean 4

Dr. Gruber dives under the ocean with biofluorescent marine animals

La Mer also created a limited-edition design to support World Oceans Day on June 8. The 3.38-ounce jar of Crème de la Mer is inscribed with “Blue Heart,” the name of La Mer’s philanthropic mission to raise awareness of ocean conservation.

The brand's signature sea kelp is an essential element of most of its products. Consequently, preserving the natural beauty of the oceans makes sense for the brand.

La Mer has dedicated its efforts to promoting ocean conservation and spreading awareness. Since 2008 the brand has donated more than $2.6 million to the cause.

Working with National Geographic to support new ocean explorers and researchers is an excellent way for La Mer to continue its work. La Mer’s commitment to the oceans will likely resonate with consumers.

la mer ocean 3

The ocean is an important element of La Mer's heritage

Natural beauty

Many brands have come together this year to support National Ocean Month in June and World Ocean Day on June 8.

For example, Four Seasons Hotels honored the United Nations’ World Oceans Day this June with worldwide initiatives that aimed to spark awareness and assist in the conservation of oceans.

Properties around the globe participated in activities such as sea turtle protection, coral reef preservation, monk seal adoption and costal pond protection. The initiatives at various Four Seasons’ are not single day events, as they are implemented in each property’s daily operations, and World Oceans Day provided the brand a chance to highlight the accomplishments and goals of its hotels (see story).

La Mer has always worked to be at the forefront of these movements. Earlier this year, the Estée Lauder Cos. brand explored the beauty of the world’s oceans with an interactive map function to generate conversation about conservation efforts.

Powered by Google Oceans View, consumers can explore the oceans where La Mer sources much of its skincare ingredients. While other beauty brands may take enthusiasts to a private garden or a secluded mountain region, La Mer’s connection to the sea may resonate among many more consumers (see story).

By educating consumers about ocean conservation La Mer is doing its part to improve sustainability.

"Education, and communication, are vital in order for each of us to have an understanding of the responsibility we have and how we can make a difference," Ms. Verde Nieto said. "Once we understand the consequences of our actions, we can learn to change our habits and act accordingly."

Final Take
Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York