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Chanel takes a gamble with star-studded haute couture show

July 7, 2015

Models at Chanel's haute couture show Models at Chanel's haute couture show


French fashion house Chanel is trying its luck with a casino-inspired haute couture show.

Paris' The Grand Palais was turned into an operational gambling hall, with working machines and tables, which served as props during the show and entertainment for the attendees. Chanel is known for its over-the-top runway sets that have recreated everything from a supermarket to an art gallery, and this newest set similarly prompted excited conversation surrounding the show.

High rollers
Chanel’s runway show July 7 opened with celebrities and Chanel darlings Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore. Putting their acting talents to work, each walked the runway, before retreating to a poker table at the center of the catwalk, where they played a game throughout the show.

This table also included Lily Collins, Jemima Kirke, Stella Tennant, Rita Ora and G Dragon.

Chanel haute couture set

Set for Chanel haute couture show

The finale of the show was Kendall Jenner sporting a bridal tuxedo.

With each show goer, from bloggers and stylists to retailers and media, having their phone with them, staging a large-scale whimsical production that stands out can raise the likelihood of more social media posts.

Other brands have tapped celebrity appearances to create broader interest in their shows.

Italian label Valentino’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week generated social media attention due to a surprise appearance.

Actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were the show finale, doing a walk-off as their characters from the 2001 comedic film “Zoolander.” With the bevy of runway shows happening back to back, this quirky ending to the show helped Valentino get noticed by fashion fans, bloggers and popular media (see story).