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Four Seasons partners with designer to offer traditional apparel in Dubai

July 9, 2015

Four Seasons partners with Hessa Al Falasi for Emirates Women’s Day Four Seasons partners with Hessa Al Falasi for Emirates Women’s Day


Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach is celebrating United Arab Emirates Women’s Day on Aug. 28 by sharing a unique sartorial opportunity with its guests.

Four Seasons will partner with Emirati designer Hessa Al Falasi to offer consumers the chance to have traditional Abaya apparel custom made in their hotel suite. Ms. Al Falasi is known for her blending of contemporary style and conservative conventions, which will likely appeal to affluent consumers in Dubai.

"Hessa Al Falasi and the Four Seasons Dubai is the perfect partnership as both brands have the same core essence and values," said Mariana Sousa, Four Seasons, Dubai. "We both are meticulous in the creative behind the brand, careful in the construction of operations and ideas and strive for immaculate completion of every element.

"In addition both brands aim for sophistication and contemporary structure in a way that still seeks to capture a sense of place. Hessa Al Falasi takes the traditional abaya and places a modern twist on it. Her designs are contemporary yet tasteful and she uses textures and colors that push the boundaries of the classic style of the attire."

New traditions
This collaboration with Ms. Al Falasi aims to celebrate the culture and traditional heritage of Dubai that can be lost in the hustle bustle of a contemporary international city. Four Seasons is committed to engaging consumers with the history of its locations and exposing them to new ideas.

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Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach offers luxury accommodations

Ms. Al Falasi’s designs are the perfect way to introduce consumers to the sartorial ancestry of Dubai. The majority of her collection is composed of abayas, which are traditionally worn by women in the Muslim world to preserve their modesty.

An abaya is a loose-fitting robe that covers the entire body except for the head, face and hands. The abaya can be worn with other veils such as the hijab or niqab to cover the head or face if desired.

Ms. Al Falasi’s designs are unique in that they provide coverage while simultaneously expressing modern elegance and flair. There are many different abayas in the collection that range from casual to couture evening wear.

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Ms. Al Falasi’s designs come in unusual colors like pale blue

The abayas also come in a variety of colors, some of which are bright or sparkly. Unlike more traditional designers, Ms. Al Falasi incorporates contemporary trends into her collections.

Luxury consumers are increasingly reporting that they prefer to spend money on unique experiences than services. Providing guests with the chance to visit Ms. Al Falasi’s studio or have her tailor custom designs in their suites will likely spark interest among affluent travelers.

This collaboration is an exciting way for guests to experience Dubai’s distinctive culture and heritage.

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Ms. Al Falasi’s designs are both conservative and stylish

Hot spot
Apparel and accessories brands have recently seen the importance of appealing to Middle Eastern consumers.

For example, French couture house Chanel held its cruise 2014 collection in Dubai, marking the first show for the brand in the Middle East.

This continued the tradition of Chanel trotting its smaller shows outside of Paris, which have taken the brand to Dallas, Singapore and Scotland. By taking its runway production to the Middle East, Chanel proved the importance of the Middle Eastern affluent consumer (see story).

As one of the largest international cities in the Middle East, Dubai is a popular location for brands looking to expand.

Earlier this year, Parisian fashion label Kenzo hit the road in a branded bus to introduce the brand to consumers located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Kenzo Fashion Bus drove around the city of Dubai beginning on April 2 and made daily stops through April 18. Creating a sort of branded scavenger hunt allowed for interested consumers to seek out Kenzo’s bus and interact with the brand for an out of home experience (see story).

"Guests will also have a chance to meet with the designer and hear firsthand about her experiences, the inspiration behind her work and where she next feels her collection will go. Moreover it is a fun and exciting activity for guests, as they can put in their own personal touches to create the perfect tailored look for themselves!"

Final Take
Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York