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Hennessy reworks family crest for limited-edition artist collaboration

July 21, 2015

Hennessy V.S Deluxe bottle by Stephen McGinness Hennessy V.S Deluxe bottle by Ryan McGinness


LVMH-owned cognac maker Hennessy is exploring a “shared devotion to creative transformation” through the annual V.S Deluxe limited-edition bottle series.

Each year, Hennessy works with a different artist to create a limited-edition artwork to be featured on bottles of its V.S Deluxe cognac. For the fifth in the series, Hennessy worked with graphic artist Ryan McGinness, known for his “radiating and fluorescent colored ‘black holes,’" to capture the brand’s “Never stop. Never settle.” motto.

Radiating colors
For the fifth edition of Hennessy’s artist collaborative V.S. Deluxe bottle series, Mr. McGinness, described by Afterimage as “a Warhol for the information age,” transformed the cognac brand’s traditional family crest to create a “radiating eye.”

Available in a numbered lot of 3,000, Hennessy introduced the new bottle design through an email blast that shows the box set and gives a brief overview of the collaboration with Mr. McGinness. On the click-through, the consumer is brought to Hennessy’s Web site where a video shows Mr. McGinness’ creative process as well as a trip to the cognac-maker’s estate in France.

Text passages give an overview of the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle which has seen collaborations from artists such as Futura (see story) and Shepard Fairey (see story). Others go over Mr. McGinness’ art and Hennessy’s 250th anniversary celebrations.

The site also includes an interactive element that allows the consumer to “switch” on and off a black light to see how the bottle’s label reacts. When off the label is silver with neon elements, but when turned on the bottle is illuminated in a purple glow.

hennessy.VS McGinness blacklight

Hennessy V.S Deluxe limited-edition bottle by Ryan McGinness

Below this feature, consumers can purchase a single bottle or the deluxe limited-edition box set that includes two Hennessy V.S bottles, two artwork coasters and a keepsake booklet about the project for $150.