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Galeries Lafayette highlights regional art with window displays

July 22, 2015

Galeries Lafayette's Art on Display features the work of 24 artists Galeries Lafayette's Art on Display features the work of 24 artists


French department store Galeries Lafayette is showcasing the art of France with the continuation of its annual event “Art on Display.”

For the seventh consecutive year, Art on Display is taking place from July 2-29 in five major French cities, namely Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes Strasbourg and Toulouse. The event highlights the culture of these regions by promoting a local artist.

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This year’s Art on Display event includes 18 museums and cultural institutions around the country. Each location features the work of a local artist in the windows, helping to promote both the artist herself and the event.

In total, 24 artists are participating in Art on Display, and 22 unique window displays have been created. By including such a large number of participants, Galeries Lafayette is ensuring that the event will attract attention.

galeries lafayette art on display

"Untitled" by Elmar Trenkwalder is included in the event

Galeries Lafayette participates as a mediator, connecting the various institutions and artists under one unified theme. Together, the windows come to represent the culture of the regions and the art of the nation.

In addition to the annual Art on Display event, Galeries Lafayette has introduced other initiatives to promote art in the past. For example, the French department store created a multichannel campaign with graffiti artist André Saraiva to prove the retailer’s quirkiness.

Mr. Saraiva’s image was plastered across a billboard outside the store, and his signature tag “Mr. A” is seen across the retailer’s content Web site. By choosing an artist rather than a model, Galeries Lafayette was able to show its creative flair (see story).