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Lane Crawford celebrates 165th anniversary with collaborative campaign

August 6, 2015

Robotic flowers featured in Lane Crawford's anniversary window display Robotic flowers featured in Lane Crawford's anniversary window display


Chinese department store chain Lane Crawford is celebrating 165 years in the retail business with a comprehensive campaign that examines the relationship between fashion and art.

Featuring unique designs, capsule collections, art exhibitions, product showcases and video, the campaign simultaneously draws attention to Lane Crawford’s rich heritage and looks forward to an exciting future. The expansive campaign will likely draw attention from around the country and help Lane Crawford forge connections with a new generation of consumers.

“Lane Crawford has a heritage of creativity and innovation; it’s part of our DNA," said Ms. Joanna Gunn, chief brand officer, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong. "We have been constantly evolving for 165 years, so there is a legacy of pioneering through newness, as well as growing and introducing brands to this market.

“A symbolic 165-years in the making, we have always been at the forefront of fashion and luxury lifestyle through our collaborations with some of the most influential names from the worlds of fashion, jewelry, beauty and lifestyle. We now set our sights on scouting the talents that will define creativity globally for the next 165 years."

Celebrate good times
Since its opening in 1850 Lane Crawford has been one of the most popular retail destinations in China for luxury apparel and accessories. The store chain has sold to six generations of Chinese consumers, making it a staple in the retail industry.

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Lane Crawford is celebrating 165 years in the retail industry

By celebrating its 165th anniversary, Lane Crawford will remind consumers of the important role it has played in the history of Chinese fashion.

The expansive 165th anniversary campaign will include many different components and collaborate with a variety of influential tastemakers. With capsule collections, window decorations and a creative video, Lane Crawford is ensuring that it will capture consumers’ attention.

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Art installations will be part of the celebration

Design studio Sky Yutaka will create a compelling window display inspired by the concept of machine-made beauty. The display includes robotic flowers that are apt to draw passersby off the street and bring attention to the retail location.

Lane Crawford partnered with the Parisian designer Isabel Marant to create a unique capsule collection that highlights modern femininity. Capsule collections often appeal to affluent consumers who are looking for products that cannot be found elsewhere.

The celebration is not limited to women. Style icon Nick Wooster curated an in-store boutique featuring his favorite menswear pieces for the upcoming season.

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Partnering with popular brands will likely draw consumers to Lane Crawford

Retooling retail
Lane Crawford has created exciting events to celebrate other brand anniversaries in the past. For example, the department store chain commemorated the one-year anniversary of its mainland China flagship in Shanghai with a playful arcade-themed storewide campaign.

“Future: Play,” which officially launched in-store Oct. 10, 2014, celebrated emerging fashion talent as well as Lane Crawford’s expanding apparel portfolio through a transformed store environment, mobile interaction and pop-up retrospectives. While Lane Crawford began in Hong Kong, it has been expanding rapidly in China, opening four stores since 2007, underscoring the growing importance of the Chinese consumer (see story).

The retail giant has plenty to celebrate this year as it has been expanding to introduce new locations. Lane Crawford recently updated the retail experience with an expansive new flagship concept at IFC mall in Hong Kong.

The renovated space includes a variety of new services, including exclusive capsule collections, made-to-order women’s wear, a private suite for personal shopping and an expanded jewelry salon. It is important for retailers to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry to provide consumers with the best luxury experience (see story).

Lane Crawford is ensuring that it does not fall behind by highlight its achievements in this expansive anniversary celebration.

“To envisage what will shape our lives in the next 165 years, we invited our community of leading and emerging brands and creative talents to share their vision of the future," Ms. Gunn said. "Their perspectives are transformed into a series of exclusive designs, capsule collections, artistic installations and uniquely curated product showcases that engage customers to imagine what the future may bring."

Final Take
Kay Sorin, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York