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Cartier explores Panthère savoir-faire in book, Harrods events

August 7, 2015

Cartier's Panthère book Cartier's Panthère book


French jeweler Cartier is teaming with British retailer Harrods to introduce a tome dedicated to the maison and its Panthère designs.

Published by publishing house Assouline, Panthère retraces Cartier’s most iconic design symbol over the last century through a contextual telling using images within the book and exclusive events hosted by Harrods. Partnering with a retailer elevates awareness for the book and gives enthusiasts a hands-on experience focusing on Cartier’s Panthère designs.

Pages of Panthère
The Harrods exhibition will take place between Aug. 15 and Sept. 6 in two key locations within the famed department store. The first aspect of the exhibition will be held in Harrods’ Private Penthouse and the other will be located within Harrods' Cartier boutique on the ground floor in the fine jewelry department.

During the exhibition, Harrods will focus on the creativity and savoir-faire of Cartier’s watchmaking expertise. A number of the pieces that will be displayed during the exclusive event have never been seen in the United Kingdom before.

cartier.panthere book page

Actress and brand enthusiast Elizabeth Taylor as seen in the Cartier Panthère book

Since all pieces shown are available for purchase, Harrods’ Private Penthouse may prove a good option for affluent consumers hoping to shop discreetly. Private viewings can be arranged by calling Harrods’ Cartier boutique.

The Cartier Panthère book will also be on sale during the event program with a retail price of approximately $186.

In addition to the new coffee table book, Panthère has been explored through digital media. For example, Cartier explored the heritage of its panther motif through a social media campaign underscoring the design’s importance.

As one of the jeweler’s most recognizable motifs, sharing the evolution of the Panthère in Cartier designs allowed consumers to better understand its usage. Using an alphabetical format, Cartier shared bits of information regarding the motif on social media to increase awareness among its younger consumers (see story).

Harrods has also been a platform used by Cartier to express different facets of its heritage.

For instance, the jeweler and retailer celebrated the men of Cartier with a pop-up exhibition on the ground floor of the retailer in the fall of 2014.

The grandsons of the founder, Louis-Francois Cartier, have built an international brand that honors its male influences by creating men’s style through watches and design. Luxury consumers interested in enduring brand principles likely enjoyed the month-long thematic exhibit (see story).