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Gemfields continues transparency efforts via African wildlife conservation

August 11, 2015

Photo by Arturo de Frias, as shared by Gemfields Photo by Arturo de Frias, as shared by Gemfields


Colored-gemstone miner Gemfields has announced plans to help raise the awareness needed for the conservation of the world’s lions.

The Montepuez Ruby Mining company, owned by Gemfields and its local business partner Mwiriti, has pledged its support to the Niassa Lion Project to protect the wildlife that calls the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique home. Gemfields encourages transparency among its mining operations (see story), and giving back to the local community through wildlife conservation is a tactic that will resonate with consumers.

For Cecil
Gemfields’ announcement coincided with World Lion Day on Aug. 10 and was shared on the brand’s social media accounts to inform its consumers. World Lion Day serves to create awareness for the conservation work needed to protect lions and their habitat.

The committed pledge from Gemfields will be a stake of 75 percent, while Mwiriti has promised 25 percent to support to Niassa Lion Project. The Niassa Lion Project works with the Niassa Reserve Management team in the Niassa National Reserve in northern Mozambique.

Mozambique is home to Gemfields’ ruby mining operation with the northern region of the country being of “profound importance” to the global conservation of African wildlife especially the African lion, wild dog and elephant.

In a statement, Gemfields’ CEO Ian Harebottle said, “We are delighted to support the protection of large carnivores particularly lions and the endangered African wild dog in Mozambique through the Niassa Carnivore Project. Montepuez Ruby Mining has already given support to fight the rhino poaching in Southern Africa and now, after the discovery and subsequent sale of the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’ (a matching pair of rubies weighing 45-carats), we are extending our support to the protection of lions, which as we know from recent news reports, remain in crisis across Africa.”

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has also responded to the news of lion poaching in Africa. The brand’s ambassadress Cara Delevingne has used her personal timepiece from the brand for a cause dear to her heart, donating it to a conservationist organization studying wild lions in Africa.

The model, a Leo and a passionate supporter of lions, was moved to action following the death of Cecil, raising more than $14,000 via an eBay auction of her watch for the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. Showing its support for its representative, Tag Heuer matched the winning bid for a combined $28,900 donation (see story).